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bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized

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After the crop diversification trial ended, the couple decided to keep going and, using Mrs Allingham's skills as a cordon bleu chef who trained at Pru Leith's Cook School, they launched a range of garlicky products.
Boursin Velvety Garlic & Herbs, PS2.20, Waitrose Regular garlicky Boursin, but instead of the usual slight crumbliness, it's almost like a dip consistency.
There were ghoulish meringues and pumpkin cheesecake, devilishly spicy chillies and garlicky meatballs and several spooky seasonal tasters to tantalise the tastebuds.
Dishes in this episode include nutty and garlicky Furikake fries, mouth-watering beef burgers and a back-to-front cheesecake.
Convert carnivores with Mesa Verde's patatas bravas: potato, black beans, kale, garlicky salvitxada sauce.
So the next time you tuck into you favourite garlicky, breadcrumbed chicken breast you will know all about its history.
But if you're worried about getting the meat sweats and throw some garlicky prawns on you don't want a big red.
There are special chapters on breakfasts, trail snacks for everyone from kids to dogs, some inventive sides and salads (Garlicky Grilled Artichokes!
The spaghetti was on point and went well with the tangy and garlicky sauce.
Don't forget to add creamy garlicky yogurt sauce on top, for that extra flavor.
They come served with a variety of creamy sauces, ranging from a garlicky mayo-like sauce to one that nods to Caribbean barbecue.
GILLI ALLINGHAM of the Really Garlicky Company Here's a great, warming and filling meal before or after bonfire night tomorrow.
Dinner found me in the mood for a large Greek salad, grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs, and a side of garlicky tzatziki, extra pita on the side.
Serve earthy Garlicky Mushrooms and Quinoa with a bright tangle of fresh fruit.
With such dishes as Boiled Tongue with a garlicky sauce, Parve Mashed Potatoes, and a classic family recipe for Famous Chicken Soup, this is a 'must' for any interested in either Jewish or Eastern European cookery.