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garlic mayonnaise

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My top tip To make a delicious garlic sauce, crush three of four peeled garlic cloves with some salt, then mix into equal amounts of mayonnaise and either soured cream or creme fraiche.
These new Papa John's Stuffed Cheesesticks are topped with buttery Parmesan Romano and are served with garlic sauce for dipping.
Serve each burger in a pita half, topped with the garlic sauce, carrots and cucumber.
Deep fried prawns with chilli and garlic sauce and the King of paella with chicken, seafood and shellfish graced our tables next.
The starters which were chalked up on the specials board were all very tempting but eventually I decided to stick to my all-time favourite of mussels in garlic sauce.
Crispy king prawns with honey and garlic sauce (serves six).
Developed with the restaurant chain's head of food, the line-up comprises: spicy tomato and garlic sauce Bravas; white wine, garlic and red pepper sauce Marbella; chunky tomato, garlic and herb sauce Jardinera; and smokey tomato, paprika and red bell pepper sauce Pimienta.
Its eight dual-serving entrees include Orange Chicken, Shanghai Style Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken, General Chang's Chicken, Ginger Chicken & Broccoli, Beef with Broccoli, Shrimp in a Garlic Sauce and Shrimp Lo Mein.
Baked with a blend of three cheeses on a creamy garlic sauce (Round Table Pizza).
Jamie Oliver's spicy olive and garlic sauce contains 3g per 100g while Somerfield tomato with onion and garlic sauce has only 0.
There's lots of good garlic sauce (served in a little container) to smear over it along with pita bread, hummus and tomatoes.
Shrimp Scampi with penne pasta in a white wine and garlic sauce
Nicole, who set up New Tastes in Darlington less than a year ago, says the Hot Garlic Sauce, made by a company called Pain Is Good, has quickly become one of her best sellers.
2) Mix together the chicken with the Blue Dragon Soy, Honey & Garlic Sauce.