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a press for extracting juice from garlic

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The Savora garlic press features a generous cavity that can hold more than one clove of garlic, and has a durable cast-metal handle, a glass-reinforced nylon body, and a double-pivot design.
Both Husband and Daughter are now well trained to look at me with derision when I think of buying a really amazing garlic press, or something similar.
Bacillus cereus LMG 6923T (strain for teaching purposes, BCCMTM/LMG Bacteria Collection); fresh garlic bulbs; garlic press; 10-mL plastic syringe; gauze; 250-mL glass containers; glass rods; gram scale; microwave oven; petri dishes; Pasteur pipettes and 1-mL pipettes; microbiological loops; agar (bacteriological or available in supermarkets and health food stores); meat (pork or beef); table sugar; kitchen salt; distilled water; 1-L growthmedium flasks (or equivalent microwave glass containers); glass burners; discard container with bleach (20%); ethanol (70%); paper towels; and Falcon and Eppendorf tubes (or equivalent).
Brides in the Normal, Ill., area who want personalized, one-on-one service know they'll find it at The Garlic Press, a 35-year-old gourmet retailer that offers an array of products ranging from cookware, kitchen accessories and specialty foods to handcrafted jewelry, toys and gifts.
When a woman asked for the recipe, Zook stacked a head of garlic and a metal garlic press on top of a container of cream cheese.
"Or (explaining) how to put your philandering husband's testicles through a garlic press. Wouldn't that be fantastic," she added.
Fresh garlic takes little effort if you use a garlic press, and studies show it offers more health benefits than other forms.
Press the garlic through a garlic press, mix with tomatoes, spring onions and green beans.
Kids can build an edible log cabin with an apple corer, make a strawberry taste like orange juice with a marinade injector, write secret messages in a lemon juice based invisible ink and the use of a citrus squeezer, make a jelly bean nest with a garlic press, and so much more!
Other items include door knobs, key distinguishers, a serving tray, garlic press, flask, knives and peelers.
The suggested retail for each of these tools is $19.95, except for the four-in-one garlic press, to be released next year, which will retail for $29.95.
o For the best taste, crush garlic in a garlic press. Next best thing is to crush with the back of a spoon.
Mix oil with drippings in pan and add onions--chopped "fino fino"--and garlic, minced or put through a garlic press, and turmeric.
To test whether the TRP channels are responsible for raw garlic's strong flavor, Patapoutian's team used a kitchen garlic press and more-sophisticated equipment to prepare extracts of both raw and baked garlic purchased at groceries.
Complete with can opener, ice cream scoop, bottle opener, pizza cutter, garlic press and potato peeler, this compact kitchen aid has it all.