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For examinations of susceptibility of native mustards to the powdery mildew that infects garlic mustard under greenhouse conditions, we transplanted wild individuals of each native species (that were not flowering) to the greenhouse, since seed was not readily available.
Garlic mustard is an exotic weed of the forest understory that is competing with native spring ephemerals.
The successful spread of garlic mustard is due to its ability to reproduce effectively (Cruden et al., 1996).
Germination rates of 12-100% have been reported for garlic mustard seeds (Anderson et al., 1996; Baskin and Baskin, 1992; Byers and Quinn, 1998; Cavers et al., 1979; Davis et al., 2006; Roberts and Boddrell, 1983).
Expression of constitutive and inducible chemical defenses in native and invasive populations of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata).
Demographic models inform selection of biocontrol agents for garlic mustard (Alliaria peliolata).
Several species of invasive alien plants including amur honeysuckle (loniceramackeii), winter creeper (euonymous fortunei) and garlic mustard (alliaria petiolata) had become quite numerous at a nature preserve, Bender Mountain, in Hamilton County, Ohio.
Keywords: Alliaria petiolata, diversity, garlic mustard, litter dwelling arthropods, Tullgren-Berlese trap
Harpers Ferry, WV, June 26, 2015 --( The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is proud to announce that a total of 2,772 pounds of the invasive, non-native plant garlic mustard have been removed from the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) corridor.
Recently, BEAN initiated the annual Garlic Mustard Pull in 2008 and has also supported hundreds of individual events.
The researchers discovered traces of garlic mustard on the charred remains of pottery dating back nearly 7,000 years.
Garlic Mustard: It's delicious just thrown in a salad.
Also known as garlic mustard, its slightly bitter taste makes it a useful ingredient for salads.