garlic bread

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French or Italian bread sliced and spread with garlic butter then crisped in the oven

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Both children's deals o ers a starter of soup, garlic bread or veggie dippers; a main course of pizza or pasta and a scoop of ice cream.
The starters are: Soup of the Day; Garlic Bread or Potato Wedges with a dip.
The garlic bread was topped with cheese and quite delicious and the salad was large and fresh, with lots of tuna (didn't realise I would be eating tuna in both dishes!).
You can't serve pasta without garlic bread and it couldn't be easier to make.
From his pitch outside the Town Hall, the Garlic Bread Man (and his partner, the Second Garlic Bread Man) must produce thousands of pieces of garlic bread every day, making offices across the city whiff from the collective garlic breath of other enthusiasts.
He went berserk after tax worker Alami, 22, complained that he hadn't made garlic bread for her tea.
Portions here are plentiful but not obscene, with toppings piled on the pizzas, lashings of butter on the garlic bread and a mouth-drooling amount of sauce on the pasta.
NOT bad, but not my favourite sort of garlic bread. I prefer something heavier like focaccia or pizza base style, a little bit dry.
Pizza, garlic bread, chicken wedges, potato wedges, dips, and choice of desserts, as well as soft drinks.
On one of the hottest days of the year, we all chose a classic summer starter -duo of melon with mango and raspberry coulis -plus side-orders of garlic bread, black olives and a baguette topped with melted cheese.
Speedibake is relaunching its garlic bread range under a new brand name - Perfect Partners - with high impact packaging, which is metallic, brightly coloured and illustrated with tempting photographs of the products fully baked and 'in action',
You and a friend can enjoy a night out at Pizza Hut with two free bottles of Rolling Rock when you buy a large Feast Pizza with garlic bread.
The choice of first course is fairly limited - soup or garlic bread or soup and garlic bread.
MUM'S ANGER AT KILLER'S SENTENCE A MUM whose daughter was murdered by her boyfriend after they argued about garlic bread says the killer should never be released.