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bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized

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Next, taking a handful of the flowers, he rubbed them all over the sashes, as though to ensure that every whiff of air that might get in would be laden with the garlic smell.
We then waited whilst Lucy made her toilet for the night, and when she was in bed he came and himself fixed the wreath of garlic round her neck.
When he came to the last tree he took the garlic and rubbed himself all over carefully, and the dholes yelled with scorn.
There was not a sting upon him, for the smell of the garlic had checked the Little People for just the few seconds that he was among them.
The latter seemed to have resigned himself; he drew the corks, and partook largely of the fish with the garlic and fat.
Garlic is a proven pest repellent, and when planted throughout the garden, it protects other crops from insects and animal pests--making it just as beneficial for plants as it is for people.
If I could grow only one crop, it would be garlic: pungent, mouthwatering, plump-cloved, health-promoting garlic.
Black garlic may appear like something you must get rid of from your kitchen.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 19, 2019-: UK farm's garlic hot sauce pleases palates across Europe
Revel in the flavor of garlic when Celebrate Highwood's annual Garlic Fest returns Wednesday, Aug.
The global garlic market is expected to experience moderate growth.
In a matter of days, farmers from Lubang Island in Occidental Mindoro province have sold almost 70 tons of local garlic harvested this year.
Garlic is one of the most essential ingredients when it comes to cooking a variety of dishes.
Women are being warned off inserting garlic cloves into their vaginas as a health expert says the odd trend won't help cure a common health problem - and could make things much worse.