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Synonyms for garishness

strident color or excessive ornamentation


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Australia's pop superstar again managed to pull off elegance and over-the-top garishness at the same time through her her set designs and her choice of outfits - designed by Marchesa and Jean Paul Gaultier.
Print scholarship is an extreme case because the field emerged as a neoclassical discipline, and the perceived garishness of colour was anathema to neoclassical tastes.
The statue of Christ the Redeemer with open arms, originally a symbol of peace, was erected on the seven-floor hotel in the center of the city, while owned by Bulgarian rapper and pimp Ivan Glavchev aka Vanko 1, in line with the lavish kitsch and garishness of the nouveau riche lifestyle.
A closer look proved me wrong though; it was leading up to 14 February and gift shops had started to display their annual, veritable feast of garishness of pink and red hearts, teddy bears clutching hearts in their paws, heart-shaped chairs and anything that professed profound love.
Though all the performances are very good, much of "Look's" entertainment value comes from an impressive tech package that captures the shifting fashions of swinger-favored pop-culture garishness over the pic's roughly 25-year period.
The TOWIE stars will, no doubt, want to bring some glitz, glamour and garishness to the couple's big day - though Katie and Marvin are hoping for a tasteful, understated affair.
It could have been alienating, as the anonymous Times critic put it, 'the garishness of the nightclub scene lost little by becoming a natural nightmare in which unmasked grotesques remained recognizably if typically human.' (36)
So, while these are still life paintings, with, occasionally, evidence of the life being lived around the still lifes, the real action comes not in some hackneyed reference to impermanence but rather in a contemporary sense of garishness that affirms life in all its daily vulgarity.
The audience could easily differentiate the real and imaginary worlds, though, as Don Quixote's ghastly white asylum garments -- symbolizing his wretched reality -- contrasted sharply with the garishness of his fantasy world, where ballerinas in red and yellow tutus and men in tights flounce about with Quixote's imaginary self.
I love Kim because she made me realize that Jews on reality television have no monopoly on garishness. They are not the only ones invoking stereotypes.
At times the film cuts to shots of Marie's face and her reaction to their look, but, for the most part, the scene is shown from a point-of-view shot that positions the audience within Marie's identity as it emphasizes the garishness of the crowd's dress, the oddness of their powdered make-up, and (through a shockingly quiet and natural soundtrack) the jarring silence that accompanies their off-putting gaze.
American greed is now taking its place alongside Afghan greed in Kabul, the large mansions being built in the US mirroring the garishness of those of their Afghan counterparts.
Not everyone wants to subject their children to noise, garishness and junk food.
This 'Eightsome' is pure artifice, its garishness exposed by the unadorned truth of the funeral scene that follows.