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in a tastelessly garish manner

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It's increasingly seen as necessary to dress and style this festive focal point to within an inch of its life, and ensure it complements room decor, rather than garishly jarring with it, even if it is only on display for a few weeks.
Don't go for pieces that are garishly gold, or too shiny.
The bass-baritone was making a return to the Eisteddfod stage for the first time since 2006, and a cast that included Welsh opera stars Wynne Evans and Shan Cothi produced a garishly gothic performance of Stephen Sondheim's Broadway hit.
The kitchen is garishly tiled in pink and black and has no oven as the pervert usually ate out.
The city might be known for its garishly signed strip clubs opposite the Eaton Centre but it is also home to an estimated 350 massage parlours that are the real centre of Montreal's sexual exploitation.
The Happy Pill Movie would more accurately describe what is a uniquely British and deliriously silly excuse to sit back eating pick 'n' mix toffees as garishly coloured as Harry's house.
The actual colors are weak enough (unlike in garishly contrast-boosted spacecraft images) that even planetary scientists have some trouble distinguishing a difference between the two planets.
But one has to question the choice of headwear - while thousands of his fellow cyclists took to the streets in garishly coloured aero-dynamic helmets he donned a traditional peaked cap.
After more than two hours of broad-yet-shallow biography, exhaustively researched yet often garishly presented, the film drops its bombshell: The notoriously reclusive author completed five works prior to his death, which are set to be published between 2015 and 2020.
In what was once a palace, Iberian art melds with art nouveau architecture; colours flow seamlessly from being garishly vibrant to quietly mellow; the garden looks straight out of a Mediterranean brochure.
Graphically, ''Saints Row IV'' is garishly glitchy, an issue offset by the fact the game is set within an unstable computer simulation.
If the title doesn't hint clearly enough, the garishly candy-coloured cover--which looks like a failed Christmas card--reinforces the obvious: this is a novel set in the tropics.
However, the colour rules do not apply to underwear and accessories, ensuring that female players keen to show a little individuality are reduced to flashing garishly coloured underwear.
They live in a garishly furnished flat and, bizarrely, are subject to surprise visits from their forbidding superior, the surgeon Sir Lancelot (Robert Powell in an unlikely role), who threatens to perform an operation on the table.
THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW BBC1, 10.35pm He has so many garishly coloured suits that you'd probably need protective eyegoggles if you were to look in his wardrobe, but don't hold it against him - that Graham Norton fellow simply has it.