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tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes

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"The garget can determine the coordinates of the sites, where thieves illegally enter into homes in case the owners are absent and can protect owners from robberies around-the-clock," said Lt.
Wireless operator Bill Garget - who lied about his age to join the RAF aged just 17 - died in 2004.
10###Uromastyx hardwickii (Sano)###The long strips of fat on each side of the backbone are boiled down and the resulting grease, after mixing with a dash of Haingh (Ferula assafoetida L.) and Huldhi (Curcuma longa L.), is used as an embrocation for contused wounds, strain, stone garget (Bungli in local dialect) and for ripening of an abscess.
"The Buteira Military Airport, 10 km to the northwest of Amara city, had been garget for two Katusha rockets late Tuesday night, that caused no human or material losses," the security source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Mastitis (called garget or mammitis in the old books) called for such remedies as carrot ointment (simmer grated carrots in lard to make an ointment); an ointment of tallow, beeswax, rosin and a little currier's oil to make it spread better; and hog's lard as an ointment.
BC borable / coracle BF bulbil / fulfil BH baba / haha BJ bay-bay / Jay Jay (FL) BL backband / lackland BN bobwhite / nonwhite BP barbal / parpal BS blurb / slurs BV barbe / varve BX berobed / Xeroxed BZ bibb / zizz BD babble / daddle BG barbet / garget BI habnab / Hainai BK banaba / Kanaka BM barb / mann BO bleb / oleo BR beback / rerack BT barbaric / tartaric BW brab / wraw BY baba / yaya
RSPCA Inspector Freda Garget said: "When we got there you could only see the very top of Coco's nose.
In addition, the do-not-call list will create a more qualified pool of consumers for businesses to garget with their sales and marketing efforts, and should lead to more successful campaigns.
Jay Leeds, sales and marketing manager, said "The garget business decision for the expansion project is based on the telecommunication market's recent growth and demand for duct piping produced on coils and on reels.
The last is especially the case with the Poke or Garget (Phytolacca decandra).