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There's a good range of gardens across the country getting involved, both large and grand and small and charming, and the RHS hopes to introduce many of us to the joys of gardening during this enjoyable and educational experience.
Twenty school and youth-based programs from across the United States were selected to receive $1,000 gardening packages through NGA's 2104 Youth Garden Grant program, which will be used to help develop and plant food gardens.
It should reflect your own personality and your love for gardening. Garden sheds are no longer shabby but chic, and, henceforth, let us call them "garden retreats."
They learn about nutrition and sustainable gardening. Other education programs reach 150,000 children on an annual basis, and adults can learn about planting, flower arranging and composting.
You could also consider a subscription to one of the more popular gardening magazines such as BBC Gardeners' World or Gardening Which?
I like gardening, it passes the time away." His garden includes three pools, a mixed fish pool, a miniature teddy bear village, a patio area, palm trees and a frog pool.
She started gardening when her four children were small.
Special Offers: Beginners Guide To Gardening DVD: With tips on basic gardening techniques, chapters include, choosing hand tools, greenhouses, propagation and planting out, sowing vegetable seeds and much more.
It is no accident that January has officially been proclaimed National Mailorder Gardening Month by the Mailorder Gardening Association (, because the first of the year is traditionally when garden catalogs start arriving in mailboxes.
Those early community gardening efforts became known as the Potato Patch Movement.
Even before the First Lady announced plans for her garden, interest in community gardening was on the rise.
3rd prize: Lakeland compost crock apple, Gardening & Planting by the Moon by Nick Kollerstrom pounds 8.99 (
They continue to be popular among landscapers and family gardeners today as new advances in gardening continue the evolution of walled garden designs.
The retired psychiatric nurse, of Eighton Banks, Gateshead, hadn't always been interested in gardening but the sheer size of her gardens ( she has one at the front and back and one at the side ( meant she had to give her husband a helping hand in maintaining them.