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Synonyms for garble

make false by mutilation or addition

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But Garble loved her new game and poured all her effort into switching one word for another and generally making a mess of things (which naughty fairies love to do).
In CHF008, Government Cutbacks Force Humana (NYSE: HUM) to Discontinue Its Medicare+Choice Plan In 45 Counties, moved earlier today, due to garble the sequence in the table in the second column under "Houston, Texas (Humana)" was out of order.
Some researchers have suspected that Alzheimer's results from an inherited or acquired genetic garble that causes cells to produce defective amyloid precursor protein.
Also, please correct headline, due to garble, to read "GROUNDWATER TECHNOLOGY, INC.
In NY076, Motorola Introduces New Line of Wireless Digital, Multi- Service Phones, moved earlier today, we are advised by a representative of the company that several words were omitted from the release as originally issued, due to garble.