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Synonyms for garbed

dressed or clothed especially in fine attire

References in classic literature ?
To elude this one would not be difficult; but to enter the village and search it would be practically impossible, garbed, or un-garbed, as he was.
She was still garbed in the rich harness of a Black Princess of Jetan, and as O-Tar the Jeddak gazed upon her he realized that never before had his eyes rested upon a more perfect figure--a more beautiful face.
At the rate of fifty a minute, a stream of projectiles tore into the bow of the prahu when suddenly a richly garbed Malay in the stern rose to his feet waving a white cloth upon the point of his kris.
There were some twenty or thirty men, mostly servants, and a half dozen richly garbed knights.
You cannot go forth half armed, and garbed as you are.
Nevertheless, when Davy was garbed in his gray flannel nighty, he did not seem in a hurry to begin.
They took the oars, while in the stern sheets, at the steering sweep, stood a young man garbed in the tropic white that marks the European.