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Synonyms for garbanzo

the seed of the chickpea plant

large white roundish Asiatic legume

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En Sonora, los mayores productores de garbanzo se encontraban en los actuales municipios de Alamos, Navojoa, Etchojoa, Huatabampo, Rosario, Quiriego, Cajeme, Bacum y Guaymas.
Green Garbanzos are high in fiber and naturally low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium promoting a healthy heart.
If you are using sprouted garbanzos, steam them until tender, about 10 minutes.
4 cups vegetable stock 1 cup dried garbanzo beans (chickpeas), soaked overnight 1 cup diced onion 1 cup diced tomatoes 1 Tbs.
LENGUA ENTOMATADA CON GARBANZOS Ingredientes (6 porciones) 1 kilo de lengua de res cocida Ajo, cebolla y hierbas de olor 1 1/2 kilos de jitomates rojos, asados 1 cebolla asada Aceite, de preferencia de oliva Clavos, pimienta, una raja de canela y oregano 2 tazas de garbanzos cocidos 50 gr de pasas 50 gr de almendras sin piel 50 gr de aceitunas Una rama de epazote Una lata de chiles en vinagre Una pizca de azucar y sal Preparacion * La lengua cocida se lava y se cuece nuevamente en agua que la cubra, con ajo, cebolla, hierbas de olor y sal.
Ingredients: Romaine and iceberg lettuces, mozzarella cheese, salami and marinated garbanzos.
For a quick bean salad, stir together: 1) one can each rinsed garbanzos, black beans, and pinto beans; 2) 1/2 cup each minced scallions and red onion; and 3) a mixture of 3 Tbs.
These baby dark chickpeas may be smaller than typical garbanzos, but with a rich, nutty flavor, they certainly don't short diners on taste.
Asi como legumbres, principalmente soya, lentejas y garbanzos.
garbanzos, rinsed and drained 1 tablespoon cumin seed 1 teaspoon salad oil 1 small dried hot chili 1/4 teaspoon ground dried turmeric 1 tablespoon sweetened shredded or flaked dried coconut 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro Salt
Ingredients: Romaine and iceberg lettuce, marinated garbanzos, mozzarella and salami.
250 gr de garbanzos remojados durante una noche y cocidos hasta que suavicen para molerlos en licuadora.
Depending on your time, you can stock several cans of prepared garbanzos (also called chickpeas or ceci beans).
Los garbanzos hierven pero al final el pais evitara cualquier hecatombe aunque le ofrezcan blindajes de toda indole.
Cous-cous fanciers can enjoy this traditional Moroccan and Tunisian dish with vegetables, garbanzos and white raisins plus various additional options (chicken, lamb, Merguez sausage) in combination or separately ($15 to $18) at the Gypsy Grill, 16911 Ventura Blvd.