garbage hauler

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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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The proposal requires that all residential and nonresidential properties, excluding vacant and uninhabitable property, have garbage collection service from a franchise garbage hauler.
The proposal requires all residential and nonresidential properties, excluding vacant and uninhabitable property, to obtain garbage collection service from a franchise garbage hauler.
A local garbage hauler, Lane Apex, already has cried foul over one of the proposals: requiring commercial garbage haulers that serve Eugene and Springfield to drive their loads out to the Short Mountain Landfill rather than dumping them in Glenwood.
Waste Management is the city's current garbage hauler.
And as it has done over the past two weeks, Riordan's campaign came back with its own accusations over contributions Hayden received in 1989 from Waste Management of North America, a major garbage hauler.
From there, the sealed trash goes to the Fresh Ponds rail operation in Queens, where the rail cars are put on trains operated by national carrier CSX, under contract to the New Jersey-based rail garbage hauler ESI, they said.
During the meeting's public comment period, Dan Webb, the manager of County Transfer & Recycling, a Florence-based garbage hauler, pointed to the high cost of operating the rural transfer centers and the number of employees in the waste management division.
If the tipping fee increases are approved, Boone said, Cottage Grove would consider allowing its private garbage hauler to forgo paying what's known as a "system benefit fee" to the county.
The garbage hauler serving the village of Islamorada says it could save the county millions of dollars a year in solid-waste disposal charges.
Excelsior head chef Karl Zenk said the restaurant will use the new program to recycle meat, fish, dairy products and baked goods through its garbage hauler, Royal Refuse.
Mayor Antonio Halili said the city's garbage haulers were barred in Calamba City since December 16.
Garbage haulers that collect trash and recyclables at curbside in Eugene, Springfield and other communities will continue their recycling pickup programs, which are evolving in the face of China's restrictions.
Four garbage haulers broke the law by failing to take solid waste collected in Monroe County, PA to one of the county's two designated landfills, the Monroe County Municipal Waste Manage Authority charges in separate civil suits.
These include tanks, crane-mounted trucks, garbage haulers, jetting units and concrete pump solutions.
The cleanup had 8,351 registered volunteers and 700 Manila City Hall employees and garbage haulers, who were later joined by 1,000 others from 20 private groups, according to Manila City Hall public information officer Bambi Purisima.