garbage dump

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According to Major General Ranasinghe about 180 meter long and 75 meter wide section of the Meethotamulla garbage dump had collapsed on to an area where according to Government records, 145 houses were located.
Former Big Brother 'monk' Dave Grace Vaughan spends time with people living on a garbage dump in the Philippines
Landslide on garbage dumps occur only during rainy season, not during summer.
He said: "I am appalled by the lack of understanding and education of the general population that in order for visitors to return and companies to invest here we cannot have Wales looking like a garbage dump.
Her resume includes a 14-year battle to save the Angeles Forest's picturesque Elsmere Canyon from being turned into a garbage dump and founding a committee that co-sponsored legislation to protect nearby Whitney and Placerita canyons.
In the time of Christ, Gehenna denoted a garbage dump to the south and west of Jerusalem that smelled and smoldered.
99) tells of a girl who lives in a garbage dump between the big city and the mountains.
Written by Michelle Rogers, 'The Dirty Kitty' tells the story of a young cat who plays at the garbage dump and refuses to take a bath, until his mother tricks him into bathing and he has fun.
Peter Jay Sharp Center for Opportunity in the Community Facility category--renovation of a 75,000 square foot knitting factory into transitional housing for 400 homeless men; state of the art computer labs, office space and an industrial kitchen; transformation of an adjacent garbage dump into a recreational area.
The three leads--the flamboyant yet maternal Hana, the embittered alcoholic Gin, and the teen runaway Miyuki--will all come to grips with the ghosts of their pasts as they spend Christmas trying to find the mother of the baby they come across in a garbage dump.
Padilla works a one-acre patch in a garbage dump bordering Nezahualcoyoll, a poor Mexico City suburb a few miles east of the recycling warehouse.
Bantar Gebang shows a slum on a large garbage dump near Jakarta; the film consists of one continuous shot during which dawn turns to day, with a static camera reminiscent of primitive cinema and of video surveillance.
A mutilated human torso was found Tuesday morning in a plastic bag at a garbage dump in Tokyo's Sumida Ward, police said.
A priest who set up a church in a garbage dump in Brazil to minister to the poor living there recently toured New Brunswick parishes.
In 1998, an 8-year-old Laramie girl was abducted, raped, and murdered, her young body left in a garbage dump.