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He said the political gangrene is fast becoming a reality as PH continued to be affected by conflicts.
Fournier gangrene, an extremely rare but life-threatening bacterial infection in the genitals, is more common in older men.
Aggressive debridement and antibiotic treatment are sufficient for Fournier gangrene, but debridement has to occur repeatedly (3).
Tobacco Control Cell has also recently notified new pictorial health warning 60 per cent of the front and back of all cigarettes packs carrying picture of gangrene of foot.
'TCC has also recently notified new pictorial health warning - 60 per cent of the front and back of all cigarettes packs and outer carrying picture of gangrene of foot.'
Sigmoid gangrene is seen in 6.1-93.4% of cases with sigmoid volvulus (SV).1,2 Although some clinical and laboratory findings such as melanotic stool, fever, leucocytosis, abdominal guarding/rebound tenderness, hypotension/shock, somnolence and metabolic acidosis suggest the sigmoid gangrene, most of them generally fail in accurate diagnosis.3,4 Similarly, although some radiological studies including Doppler ultrasonography, angiography or scintigraphy demonstrate the vascular occlusion, they are generally inadequate in determining sigmoid gangrene.5 When considerations are suitable, endoscopy identifies mucosal viability.
Vasculopathy presenting as Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) may lead to digital ulceration and gangrene requiring urgent intravenous vasodilator therapy.
Fournier's gangrene is a potentially fatal necrotising fasciitis involving the external genitalia, perineum and perianal regions.
30, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A rare but serious genital infection known as necrotizing fasciitis of the perineum, also called Fournier's gangrene, has been reported in some patients taking a certain class of type 2 diabetes medicine, according to the U.S.
A doctor holds scissors during surgery - CC CAIRO - 14 August 2018: A medical tragedy took place in Menoufia during a "purity operation" (circumcision) and caused a child to lose his manhood due to gangrene; the father demands for the doctor to be tried.
Fournier's gangrene (FG) is a clinically relevant condition in South Africa (SA), particularly at regional and district-level hospitals, where most affected patients present.
Fournier's gangrene is a fulminant form of necrotizing fasciitis of the genital, perianal, and perineal regions.
The surgeon said the patient had also developed gas gangrene, likely from the incisions made during the surgery.