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a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at dockside

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She screamed, ran, and bolted down the gangplank, and when she looked back - there was no ship to be seen.
It is believed they used a gangplank intended for engineers to avoid potentially deadly live wires during their trek.
down the gangplank he looked like any other villager
That's what happened to the skullcap of Pope Francis as soon as he took his first step to descend the gangplank of the jet that brought him down from the clear blue sky last Thursday.
Even as the body-boat let down its gangplank for the germs the garter
Other photos show a bull bleeding to death in a sunlit arena, a dolphin trapped in a resort lagoon just 50 meters from the ocean, and a flock of sheep climbing a gangplank to be trucked to slaughter.
The government said three people had been confirmed killed and another man was missing after he fell off a gangplank in the central port of Cebu.
9 feet from the tip of the gangplank to the end of the paddle wheel, too large for a small lake that's busy with kayaks, canoes, sailboats, power boats and pontoon boats.
He was last seen walking away from the navy vessel's gangplank shouting about going back into Dubai at 2.
The network is operating in tandem with Gangplank Sault, directed by Gerry Kirk, which offers a work space to entrepreneurs who are at the next stage of building their business.
When Zoe is ready she calls Dog but he is hiding, she calls again before raising the gangplank, starting the engine and chugging off.
The script, adapted by Gideon Defoe from his book, walks the gangplank of belly laughs and gentle emotion.
The front has a ample gangplank, perfect for bowing in to one of the many local islands.