gang fight

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a fight between rival gangs of adolescents


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Virakone Sisavanh, a former member from Fresno, relayed, in vivid detail, what it was like to watch his cousin, stabbed through the heart, die in a gang fight.
I taught for a year in a high school in Queens, where I quickly discovered that all the theory I'd learned in my education courses was as useful as a water pistol in a gang fight.
At 14 Dito watched as his best friend and surrogate older brother, Antonio, beat another kid to death with a baseball bat during a gang fight.
The case was filed by two of the injured in the same case as the accused refused to offer compensation to them for the injuries the former had suffered in the gang fight that took place in January 2009.
Last week, four men were handed lengthy prison sentences for their part in the vicious gang fight - with one receiving a 10-year term.
THREE men involved in an organised gang fight on Tyneside have admitted violence charges.
POLICE were today continuing to probe a gang fight which erupted on the streets of a Midland town.
A MAN is critically ill in hospital and five other people were injured after they were stabbed in a gang fight in Manchester's Chinatown yesterday.
Summary: A man has been arrested after a teenager was stabbed in a gang fight yards from a polling station, police said.
The scene at Uxbridge Square yesterday after the gang fight on Friday night
Ryan Bravo, 18, died on Wednesday after he was caught up in an apparent gang fight at a Costcutters in Walworth, south-east London.
Because they chose to involve themselves in a gang fight resulting in the shooting death of the victim, both defendants will not be eligible for their first parole hearing until they are about 72 years old,'' Deputy District Attorney Benny Osorio said after Friday's sentencing.
A TEENAGER has been stabbed to death in a gang fight in a housing scheme.
A 22-YEAR-OLD man was arrested last night after a good Samaritan was beaten to death trying to break up a gang fight in the early hours of yesterday.
TWO men were found badly beaten after a pre-arranged gang fight in a country lane in Merseyside.