gang fight

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a fight between rival gangs of adolescents


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Seven injured as man uses Kalashnikov in gang fight belonged to the suspects.
But the problem of gang fights will not go away until we address the root cause of this mindless yobbery.
Mushtaq Ahmad filed a case against 17 Indian men for inflicting injuries to his leg in the bootlegging gang fight and sought a compensation of Dh1.
Police believe the incident could be linked to a gang fight in nearby Cambridge Street on July 23 in which gangs fought with knives and baseball bats.
A 15-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of murdering a teenage mother in a gang fight, police said yesterday.
A DRUNKEN gang fight on the racecourse failed to spoil the party as an estimated 40,000 people trooped into Durham for the 123rd gala.
Paul and his pal Steven Mafolabomi, 15, had staggered towards their homes after being stabbed in a gang fight in Leytonstone, northeast London, on Friday.
No doubt, it's a good thing to enlist Washington's assistance in the city's gang fight.
A PRISONER beaten unconscious in a jail gang fight has died.
After a quick stop in Annecy, we headed for "our gang fight in France.
A three-day sweep of the Bogota prison came on the heels of a May prison gang fight that left 26 dead.
Virakone Sisavanh, a former member from Fresno, relayed, in vivid detail, what it was like to watch his cousin, stabbed through the heart, die in a gang fight.
I taught for a year in a high school in Queens, where I quickly discovered that all the theory I'd learned in my education courses was as useful as a water pistol in a gang fight.
At 14 Dito watched as his best friend and surrogate older brother, Antonio, beat another kid to death with a baseball bat during a gang fight.
A BOY stabbed to death in a suspected gang fight is pushing teenage murder rates towards a disturbing new four-year record level.