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Synonyms for gamopetalous

having a corolla composed of partially or wholly fused petals forming a corolla shaped like a tube or funnel

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Corolla pentamerous, gamopetalous and caducous, with valvate aestivation, presumably rotate and reflexed.
The bowl shaped corolla is subsessile, pedicel 1-2 mm long; sepal 5, connate at the base, 5 to 10 x 2 to 4 mm; corolla 5, gamopetalous, actinomorphic, isostemone, epipetalous stamens, alternate with the corolla lobes, ovary bicarpelar, superior, 1 to 2 ovules/locule.
They are gamopetalous, zygomorphic, pubescents, tubulars, bilabiates, with four petals, hypogynous, syncarpic gynaeceum with two carpels, upper ovary, white-green style, yellow- greenish stigma.
Calyx and corolla gamopetalous or polypetalous and sometimes not well differentiated, rotate, campanulate, urceolate, or tubular.