gaming house

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a public building in which a variety of games of chance can be played (operated as a business)

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net--would require a substantial change in data collection procedures by both gaming houses and players, a potentially contentious issue the IRS doesn't seem anxious to tackle at this time.
89) A recent Karnataka High Court decision quashed criminal charges against nineteen petitioners accused of playing rummy under Sections 79 and 80 of the Karnataka Police Act, 1963, which punish keeping a gaming house and being present in a gaming house for the purpose of gaming, respectively.
It has been highlighted that generally to constitute an offence for penalty of owning, keeping or having charge of a gaming house or being found in the gaming house, an essential ingredient is that gaming should be going on in such premises (16) and that it was used for the profit or gain of the accused (17).
When the Government announced plans for more gaming houses and a supercasino, prior to the Gambling Act 2005, there were five applications for Liverpool.
Singapore police arrest Senegal's honorary consul over gaming house
The MMS service is based on the MOMA MMS Application Gateway and MOMA MMS Digital Content, Alerting, Gaming House, Quiz and Voting Application Platforms from m-Wise.
A gaming house spokesman said, "It would be a travesty if these new measures were to be put in place without dialogue from all concerned.
Eyes are fixed on the gleaming roulette wheel in the country's newest and biggest gaming house.
If no provincial licence has been issued, the place is deemed to be a common betting or gaming house, and is criminally illegal.
After that, he could try his luck at the roulette wheel or a few hands of blackjack in the glittering gaming house winking at travelers from between two boarding gates.
Nelson, of the Roseau River First Nation in Manitoba, is facing five charges of running a common gaming house.
tv furthers the online experience by enabling the community to easily navigate tens of thousands of hours of exciting video footage from MLG ProCircuit competitions, original MLG shows like The Dr Pepper Ultimate Gaming House, and a variety of interviews and tips from fellow gamers.
The two employees are suspected of tampering with and upgrading a meter in Pyla in an establishment destined as an illegal gaming house.
A licence application was previously turned down by magistrates last year after opposition from city rivals, but Mr Lee is hopeful that it will be overturned on appeal in May saying that his new proposals for a radically different type of gaming house will invalidate previous objections.
The company behind one of the world's most exclusive casinos yesterday revealed plans to launch its new gaming house chain from Tyneside.