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cell or organ in which gametes develop

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The velocity of the developmental process, from germination to gametangia formation, which occurred in roughly one month, is quick but falls within the normal range of variation for the leptosporangiates (Raghavan 1989, Banks 1999, Li et al.
Monoicous bryophytes develop both male and female gametangia on the one stem and have been found to be self-fertilising in the mosses Phascum cuspidatum, Pottia truncata and Weissia controversa (Roads and Longton 2003).
Also present on the lower epidermis were clusters of gametangia (Figs.
isogamy: Union of gametes or gametangia of equal size.
The results of this study indicate that water motion does not inhibit the production and/or maturation of gametangia, since the cumulative release of gametes from receptacles returned to calm conditions following a period of several days of agitation exceeded that from calm or simulated tidal cultures.
Gametangia appeared only in the abaxial surface of the gametophyte with some archegonia near the notch (Fig.
Sometimes, apogamy with formation of gametangia has been documented (Migliaro & Gabriel y Galan 2012), and has been said to be facultative/induced, i.e., the plant could either experience sexual contacts or, due to some external facts, produce apogamous sporophytes; however, some apogamous ferns are known to produce no gametangia at all, or gametangia failed to produce viable, normal gametes, so the apogamy is obligated (Raghavan 1989).
Strong selection to both reproduce rapidly and provide maximum protection for gametangia in the Ricciaceae (Schuster, 1992) was accompanied by evolution of exceptional desiccation tolerance and ability to colonize disturbed areas ("weediness").
All species were unisexual and gametangia (initially archegonia) differentiated between day 50 and day 80.
Gametophytes, which may be either monicous or dioicous, produce gametangia in modified apices.
He wrote, "In all qualitative aspects the primary axes of the sporophyte are identical to the gametophytic axes save for the presence of gametangia on the latter." Stromatopteris is a gleicheniaceous fern (Pryer et al., 2004).
Male and female gametangia were limited to the lower face and to the ventral surface below the notch, mainly between the rhizoids (Fig.