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Synonyms for game

Synonyms for game

Synonyms for game

animal hunted for food or sport

(tennis) a division of play during which one player serves

(games) the score at a particular point or the score needed to win

Related Words

the flesh of wild animals that is used for food

a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal)

the game equipment needed in order to play a particular game

your occupation or line of work

frivolous or trifling behavior

disabled in the feet or legs

willing to face danger

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11) The outcome of this gamelike, parodic gesture is the trace or the ecriture as a game: "It plays enjoyment, renders it present and absent" (312).
The gamelike, interactive model extends beyond the storytelling narrative and onto the discernable acts of writerly readers recorded in the highly variable textual witnesses.
Although many of these articles discuss embedding instruction into interesting and engaging gamelike activities, this study uses engaging activities and embeds instruction into the full array of classroom contexts, thus permitting teachers to increase the frequency and relevance of instruction (Culatta, Aslett, Fife, & Setzer, 2004; Culatta & Hall, 2006; Culatta, Kovarsky, Theadore, Franklin, & Timler, 2003).
As we drove back up north, I ran over a few of the raised white dots in the road, something he teased me about and when he took the wheel, matching me dot for dot in gamelike fashion.
Alphabet knowledge is best learned through naturalistic, fun, and gamelike manner (Delpit, 1988).
A central pairing of dualistic traits is the opportunist and the stoic: First the New Yorker uses gamelike coping methods, which, when ineffective, yield to bemused resignation.
We had hoped to alleviate any such anxiety by incorporating a gamelike atmosphere, which Thouless regarded as more likely to be successful.
But games based on pic franchises like "The Lord of the Rings" are increasingly showing up on cellphones, as are for-pay voting capabilities and other gamelike functions for TV shows such as "American Idol.
In what Terence Cave aptly calls the "cornucopian" texts of the Renaissance, a true plurality of contrary "voices," opinions, and apparent truths engage in a struggle--now gamelike, now warlike--for simultaneous occupation of the same textual platform, somehow occupied by none and all.
He then all but reversed the conclusions of that book to develop his notion that human language has a fundamentally gamelike quality--a notion that implied a far less restrictive view of philosophy's mission.
660-661) cite consumer collaboration as a necessary prerequisite to creating a playful, gamelike exchange experience.
Movement is part of the gamelike when when I left Raith for Tynecastle.
Despite an often humorous, gamelike overlay or connotation, trickery is an art extending far beyond mere gamesmanship.
Math Activities with Dominoes provides teachers with thirty-six hands-on, gamelike mathematics tasks.
First, alluring gimmicks that attract attention; second, games and gamelike features that are not features of the content itself; third, classroom activities that are not features of the content itself.