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The place to be, night-life, the game of chance and small change.
According to HMRC, a game of chance is defined as a game of pure chance - such as roulette - or a game of chance and skill combined, where a player cannot eliminate chance unless by using "superlative" skill.
And leave them in no doubt misbehaving on the roads is a deadly game of chance.
Gambling--To unlawfully bet or wager money or something else of value; assist, promote, or operate a game of chance for money or some other stake; possess or transmit wagering information; manufacture, sell, purchase, possess, or transport gambling equipment, devices, or goods; or tamper with the outcome of a sporting event or contest to gain a gambling advantage.
Since most wheels aren't directly tested, quality becomes a game of chance, Rosenberg says.
Targeting "serious" traders, who average 29 trades per day, and the relatively small but growing number of day-trading companies that provide customers with high-speed terminals and real-time quotes (currently an estimated 60 firms nationally), Collins calls day trading "little more than a game of chance.
The result: investing in the stock market is becoming a new game of chance that can be just as addictive as traditional betting.
Titled "A Game of Chance," the show now begins a two-year national tour.
She imagined they would use her actor's body as an empty vessel for their ideas, and that, strung together, the performance would unfold like an "exquisite corpse" the live equivalent to the Surrealists' favorite literary game of chance.
If a very large number of virtual CDs and DVDs are to be made available in a network, the compliance to the corresponding license agreements quickly becomes a dangerous game of chance, possibly big with consequences.
Gambling is a game of chance where it encourages laziness among the people.
The company scored a victory in March when the High Court's First-tier Tribunal's Tax Chamber ruled the once-popular newspaper promotion was a game of chance, and therefore not eligible for VAT.
ONE MOMENT IN TIME One moment in time can change your life forever Be it on the lottery or a disaster with the weather Whatever it is win or lose, could leave you with regret Fate has played its hand the table has been set For ageing is upon us, there is no going back Cards are on the table, your turn to shuffle the pack Life's a game of chance, the winner takes it all It's like winning a game of poker; it's up to you to call No good sitting and moaning if you are out of luck You can't blame anyone else, that's just passing the buck You're in control of your life, sometimes life's a pest Be thankful you're alive, and always try your best by Gordon W.
Sportech contends Spot the Ball - where players try to locate a missing ball from a football action photogr aph - is a game of chance.
The controls aren't quite as in-tune as they ought to be, leaving perfect scores more a game of chance.