gambling house

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a public building in which a variety of games of chance can be played (operated as a business)

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Those interested can still play bingo, bet on horses or sports clubs, play the lottery, or visit gambling houses and casinos.
Attorney's Office for the Western District of Arkansas filed a civil lawsuit in February to take Robert Rogers' home in Rogers because prosecutors allege the property was used as an illegal gambling house.
The post Peyia gambling house raided appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Croupier Az Sutherland in the mobile gambling house unveiled by Grosvenor Casino this week and (below) Az with customer Tom Ladds
Michael McDonald owned the largest tavern and gambling house in Chicago.
When I asked where I could find him I was told to "go to the nearby spieler" (which was what the locals called a gambling house frequented by seamen).
com)-- Winner Club is a gambling house that offers lifetime gaming experience to millions of people across the world.
In the early 18th Century though, White's was an infamous gambling house and the scene of many outlandish wagers, one of which was when Lord Alvanley (a member of the socially influential 'Dandy Club' along with Beau Brummell) bet a friend Au3,000 over which of two raindrops would first reach the bottom of a pane of the club's bow window.
Two masked men held up a gambling house on Ninth avenue in Calgary early yesterday morning, and after lining seven men up against the wall at the point of revolvers, obtained between $1,500 and $2,000.
They were pictured leaving the gambling house after five hours at 3am, looking tired and wearing bizarrely similar unflattering outfits of floral shirts and faded jeans.
LANDIKOTAL, April 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): Political Administration personnel on Wednesday raided a gambling house in Torkhum area and arrested at least 20 gamblers.
A moratorium on gambling house licenses is expected to be lifted before the end of the year, a senior official in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has said.
Billions are in a state privation precisely because of the gambling house of stock markets, scientific management systems, and lean production software intrinsic to digital capitalism.
It would have permitted a commercial casino near Portland, the state's first non-tribal gambling house.
Or does Ladbrokes, the British gambling house that sets the odds for the literary prize, do so simply to garner a little extra publicity among bookish folks for its sports betting operation?