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affected by emotion as if by electricity

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The Duplex Award was given to Studio Weave for their standout green roofed pavilion, which forms a central role in the redevelopment of the Thames Riverside Walk at Nine Elms, whilst the Galvanizing in Detail Award was picked up by dePaor for the Palas Cinemain Galway.
Valmont Coatings, a business segment of Valmont Industries Inc, has received four 'Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing' awards at the American Galvanizers Association annual event earlier this month.
(NYSE: AZZ), offering welding solutions, speciality electrical equipment and engineered services, has closed the acquisition of Tennessee, US-based metal coatings company Tennessee Galvanizing Inc., to increase network of hot-dip galvanizing plants to 41 sites in the US, the company said.
Along with pre-finished reinforcement orders, the company offers galvanizing services for outside-sourced steel, yielding product compliant with ASTM A 1094, Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement and ASTM A 1055, Zinc and Epoxy DualCoated Steel Reinforcing Bars.
The main factors affecting the thickness and structure of the coating are galvanizing temperature, chemical composition of steel (especially Si content), additives in the zinc melt (Al, Ni, etc), holding time [13].
Scottish Galvanizers, part of the West Midland-based Wedge Group Galvanizing, is helping create 'Crouching Man,' a 25-metre high, 60-tonne figure designed by the creator of the famous 'Angel of the North.' The plant in Glasgow is galvanizing 550 complex steel 'nodes,' each featuring up to 27 angled profiles, which will be joined together to form locating points around the sculpture.
THE most advanced hot-dip galvanizing plant in the UK - built by the Willenhall-based Wedge Group - has been officially opened.
said Wednesday it has agreed with ArcelorMittal of Luxembourg to add an advanced hot-dip galvanizing line for automobile steel sheet at their plant in the United States to double the plant's output of galvanized steel sheet.
The galvanizing process--all parts of the chassis are galvanized before the build process takes place--ensures that there is no corrosion within the joint when two parts of the trailer are brought together.
The performance of hot-dip galvanizing and zinc-rich paint is often viewed as equivalent due to the false perception that all zinc coatings are "galvanizing" (e.g.
Newport Galvanizers is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing. The group has a turnover of pounds 45m and employs 750 people.
Engineering and construction group Metnor is axing up to 75 jobs with the closure of a galvanizing plant on Teesside.
With a vice-like grip Lappin Industries continues to hold on to its plan to bring a niche galvanizing line to Sault Ste.