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a skilled worker who coats iron or steel with zinc

a leader who stimulates and excites people to action

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A company which already benefitted from the resources at AFRC is Highland Galvanizers and Colour Coaters, based in North Lanarkshire.
The Galvanizer provides top-of-the-foot comfort and protection with Cushguard, an internal metatarsal guard.
Among the measures introduced by Elgin-based Highland Galvanizers was the replacement of its existing fixed speed compressor with a speed-regulated model from CompAir.
Envy, Alcina believes, will be the best galvanizer for insidious Ganelon.
He hauled the steps to the galvanizer on a trailer hitched behind the family car.
The second great galvanizer was a 1983 Supreme Court case, Taxation With Representation of Washington v.
In May 2005, the group took a one third stake in a German investment company, which in turn controlled Vista, a leading galvanizer in Europe and the US.
Particularly tough welding slag, paint, and heavy grease may be too stubborn to be removed in this way so should be cleaned off, usually by way of grit blasting, before being sent to the galvanizer. After the acid stage, the steel product is rinsed and then generally dipped in a flux solution which is typically made up from Zinc Ammonium Chloride held in a temperature range between 65[degrees]C and 80"C.
You must be excited to get your hands on SWG3's Galvanizers? Absolutely.
Corbetts The Galvanizers, for example, is attempting to boost its turnover figure to PS12 million, and has recently won PS300,000 of new business.
The 25th anniversary of the Galvanizers Association Galvanizing Awards celebrated conservation, innovation and sustainability.
Corbetts the Galvanizers, which employs 105 people at its facility in Halesfield in Telford, has won contracts to supply customers involved in producing security fencing, street lighting, cable management systems and agricultural trailers.
International Resource News-April 30, 2019--Valmont Coatings receives four 'Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing' awards at American Galvanizers Association annual event
The company's Scottish Galvanizers subsidiary processed more than 330 tonnes of hot-rolled steel being used in the multimillion development project at Glasgow Airport.