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  • verb

Synonyms for galumph

to move heavily

Words related to galumph

move around heavily and clumsily

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Walking With Dinosaurs -- The Live Experience" features life-size replicas of 15 dinosaurs that galumph, roar and soar.
Right, and it goes back to Lewis Carroll's great word, galumph.
Two words that appear later in "Jabberwocky" have become enshrined in dictionaries of the English language--chortle ("chuckle" + "snort") and galumph ("gallop" + "triumph").
Coming to the last, Big Buck's looked as if he had the legs of Punchestowns, only to galumph through the hurdle.
While Prince Harry (before he was bundled off into the Army) took every opportunity to sun himself in Zimbabwe, just as Princess Diana would have done, so Wills is following in Daddy's green welly footsteps, preferring to galumph about in the drizzle.
Mercifully, the TV channels have abandoned those cringe-making Hogmanay programmes, with pansy Alistairs and Grants in skirts and prissy- faced Shonas and Katrionas simpering as they galumph through terribly- genteel reels.
In "House Heroines," their latest program, Dominique Zeltzman and Selene Colburn are naifs with a sly and intentionally raw view of how girl bodies hurl and fall and galumph through space like thrown rods in a giant engine.
Le Touzel doesn't come readily by the radiance that distinguished Glenn Close in this part on Broadway; where Close both shone and made one shudder, le Touzel tends to galumph.
Back in the present, when Davey finally galumphs downstairs, he sometimes finds me smiling at him instead of yelling.
Then we curse as our car galumphs over the inevitable bitumen bobble, or dimple depression, that follows the re-sealing.
ANN Widdecombe galumphs on in Strictly, her pneumatic backside threatening to eat up the audience, her knee-length bloomers (included in her contract) thwarting the lustful who might conjure with the thought of hanky-panky with this lady and her gravel-grinder voice.