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  • verb

Synonyms for gallivant

gad about


Synonyms for gallivant

to move about at random, especially over a wide area

Synonyms for gallivant

wander aimlessly in search of pleasure

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Glad you have time to gallivant while you're ignoring your father SAMANTHA MARKLE blasts sister meghan
THE DEAL: One night at the three-star Gallivant Hotel costs from PS95pp, based on two sharing, including breakfast.
WILD IRELAND ITV 8pm (Not Wales or STV) Christine Bleakley (above) is the latest in a series of celebrities who get to gallivant around their home turf for our amusement.
Indeed, I think it is a whole lot more natural for them to furnish my dinner plate surrounded by mashed spuds, carrots and gravy than to gallivant through the heavens tugging along a strange old cove with a big white beard and a bright red suit.
WChristine Bleakley is just the latest in a very long line of celebrities being given the chance to basically gallivant around their homeland for our amusement.
But since Lachlan is already in trouble for sexual assault, his mother Chrissie may not want to let him gallivant off with his no-good father., 01797 225 057MARJORIE YUE THE GALLIVANT HOTEL & BISTRO Camber, East Sussex
He will be at the Tyneside next Wednesday at 6pm to talk about Ivul and previous films such as the award-winning documentary Gallivant and This Filthy Earth, which the Tyneside is screening on August 4.
ACROSS 1 Digest, 4 Proposer, 10 Profanity, 11 Rioja, 12 Cabin, 13 Gallivant, 14 Pester, 16 Western, 18 Cracked, 20 Loners, 23 Dog eat dog, 25 Fable, 26 Anita, 27 Confusion, 28 Nightcap, 29 Peahen.
It follows a group of fortune-seekers as they gallivant across the world, cracking codes and solving mysteries.
Dual sprint winner Gallivant was quick to follow, foaling an attractive chestnut filly on January 5.
DOZENS of students from all over the country gather in Newcastle at the weekend to raise money for children's charity Barnardo's as part of the Great Geordie Gallivant.
If these people want to gallivant around town let them pay full fare, the same as other passengers.
In the other early price race, the Handicap (2.30), I'm not totally convinced by those who head the market, namely Zuhair, Fantasy Believer and Gallivant. We all know Zuhair is a different horse at this track and can win but his record in this race is poor, while Fantasy Believer is better at Ascot than anywhere else.
To do work and breed and die in wars, not to gallivant in motor cars.