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More gallingly, Twain, an avid consumer of newspapers, doubtless saw some of the fillers anticipating and then welcoming the five-volume set in 1882 from Houghton Mifflin and its painstaking Riverside Press.
Rather gallingly for the present writer, Brauner does not seem to have absorbed (although he has read) my 1987 article on the subject ('Haydn's Piano Trio Textures' in Music Analysis, vi.
This issue is gallingly simple to me: The ebonics idea seems a faulty simplification, an approach that lacks analysis, a freezeframe of schools and teachers and children teetering on the precipice of total collapse and failure.
Gallingly for Ecclestone, if the trial had run its course through to October, in all likelihood he would have been acquitted.
Yet more gallingly, so insouciant are the media networks of the doleful plight of these tribal IDPs of ours that none has even bothered to choose the right word for their migration from their hearths and homes.
Gallingly for Hamilton, title rival Rosberg managed to work through the difficulties posed by the loss of power and brakes.
Martin O'Neill looked embarrassed at the end, more than likely because, gallingly, Bolton didn't even have to play well to win by what in the end was a comfortable scoreline.
Late goals cost victories against Newcastle United, Fulham and, perhaps most gallingly, Norwich City, although the dramatic finale in the recent win over Tottenham Hotspur suggests lessons are being learned.
And, gallingly from a Boro perspective, we now have to sit and listen to Gordon Strachan and Gareth Southgate's words of wisdom.
Indeed, the Bluebirds' proud place in the top two could be over by the end of today's remaining Championship fixtures with Leeds and perhaps most gallingly arch-rivals Swansea both able to leapfrog them today.
Gallingly for Maynard, whose goalkickers missed three attempts in a tight five point loss to Nottingham last Friday, Crook kicked six goals including all five conversions out in Spain.
But, gallingly, it is the memories of the past two finals - both defeats to Leeds - that are the freshest and Wellens is anxious to make amends as Saints clash with the Rhinos for the title again.
Gallingly his victorious opponent was an unwavering Tory opposed to reform called Spooner.
Even more gallingly, it was beaten in the ratings by Question Time.
Among these, gallingly, is $3 million for a movie showing how Alaska spends highway funds.