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It is noticed that close people are the ones who prescribe the consumption of soup, the form of preparation and even methods for creating the gallinaceous that is going to be in the soup.
The grouse family, Tetraonidae, includes all chicken-like, ground-dwelling (gallinaceous) birds with feathered legs and nostrils.
Given the virtual dead heat we faced, we put our gallinaceous challenge before the judges and asked them to pick a best in show.
(3) American dictionaries tend to include all these families within the denomination 'domestic fowl'; however, under a British perspective the expression is sometimes applied exclusively to the gallinaceous family.
Data concerning food availability (macroinvertebrate abundance) for young gallinaceous birds within these field-cover types are lacking.
Species of Ascaridia are common parasites of gallinaceous birds; eggs and larvae can be harbored by earthworms (Anderson 2000).
(1951) add gallinaceous gamebirds (mainly seed destroyers, not dispersers), purple finch, mockingbird, red-eyed vireo, and tufted titmouse.
Gallinaceous bird remains were probably Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus), which were very rarely seen in the study area but may have been more common inland.
Chickens are gallinaceous birds like pheasants and quail--and their young hatch out able to walk, feed, and drink for themselves.
For that we relied on what the forest provided, usually a gallinaceous bird or sometimes a monkey.
(11) Gallinaceous, piscine, and coracine birds have been reported as being infected with noncultivable or difficult-togrow mycobacteria, which may have been M genavense.
In studies of larger more numerous gallinaceous birds (e.g.