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a slave condemned to row in a galley

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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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There was further drama in the race, won by Richard Ford-trained Makellys Blackpool, as favourite Galley Slave took a heavy fall at the third.
Tutor, priest, bodyguard, rebel, Protestant minister, galley slave, exile, a leader of the Protestant Reformation, and founder of Presbyterianism: John Knox's influence on the political and religious groundswells of 16th century England and Scotland reverberate in Protestant theology, music, and social conscience these 500 years later.
Knox was taken prisoner, and thus began his life as a galley slave. He was chained to an oar on a French ship and, his biographer Thomas M'Crie tells us, he was "treated with all the indignities offered to heretics, in addition to the rigors of ordinary captivity." I can imagine aching muscles and sunburned skin, youthful optimism turning into the ache of loss.
The third individual was the Huguenot minister Elie Neau, whose exposure to Camisards during six years as a galley slave colored his later writing and teachings in New York.
The report by Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, is titled "The Life of a Galley Slave", in reference to a comment by Putin on finishing his second term as president in 2008.
The report also aims to debunk Putin's own assertion that he lives like a "galley slave" in his presidential office.
And lastly, highlighting the "Camisard sympathies" (107) of a former galley slave, Randall shows how Neau's refugee piety, again with the support of Mather, influenced Huguenot communities throughout the British colonies.
A major publisher of military histories and biographies, the Naval Institute Press is also the American distributor of Seaforth Publishing's 'Seafarers' Voices' series, of which volume one "Galley Slave: The Autobiography of a Protestant Condemned to the French Galleys" (9781848320703, $27.95) and volume two "A Privateer's Voyage Round the World" (9781848320666, $27.95) are now available.
OSCAR-winning epic set at the time of Christ, starring Charlton Heston as a galley slave who resolves to exact revenge on a villainous former friend.
And I, no longer intimidated, crept back, pulled out the tried and tested blackened pots and pans, and went back to being the original food processor - of the galley slave variety!
There are no examples shown of the 'bench' office layouts which do much to cheer finance directors in search of increased margins, but little to raise the spirits of the work station galley slave.
Such were Ann's strengths, she was quickly invited to undertake many and varied roles on voyages, from galley slave to purser, from manning the crow's nest to watch officer.
During one of these, in 1541 he was seriously wounded and made a galley slave; Turgut himself evidently arranged for some leniency and after a year de Valette regained his freedom in a prisoner exchange.
Father to the Scottish Reformation and the Church of Scotland; Catholic priest until his conversion in 1545; French galley slave for eighteen months after the battle for St.
The result is the story of Lord Cazaril, a Chalion battle commander still suffering the emotional and physical aftereffects of his captivity as a galley slave. When he walks back to the home of the Dowager Provincara of Chalion, where he was a young page, he seeks only a menial job and a roof over his head.