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Synonyms for gale

Synonyms for gale

a natural movement or current of air

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Jemmy believed in dreams, though not, as I have said, in the devil: I do not think that our Fuegians were much more superstitious than some of the sailors; for an old quartermaster firmly believed that the successive heavy gales, which we encountered off Cape Horn, were caused by our having the Fuegians on board.
When at sea we had a constant succession of gales, and the current was against us: we drifted to 57 degs.
The gale was evidently a spring gale sent out of time, and anything was possible.
When they left the hut after the gale, the noise on the horizon was steadily growing, and the tough ice moaned and buzzed all round them.
In addition to the floe and the pack-ice, the gale and the currents were bringing down true bergs, sailing mountains of ice, snapped off from the Greenland side of the water or the north shore of Melville Bay.
Kotuko found the dogs fighting over a fresh-killed seal who was following the fish that a gale always disturbs.
MY singing made the gale blow that broke the ice and drew the two dogs toward Kotuko when the ice would have crushed his bones.
All through September there were continuous gales that broke up the smooth seal-ice when it was only four or five feet thick, and forced it inland, and piled a great barrier, some twenty miles broad, of lumped and ragged and needly ice, over which it was impossible to draw the dog-sleighs.
The floe, as you will remember, had been battered and tormented by the autumn gales till it was one frozen earthquake.
And again he heard that voice, forced and ringing feebly, but with a penetrating effect of quietness in the enormous discord of noises, as if sent out from some remote spot of peace beyond the black wastes of the gale; again he heard a man's voice -- the frail and indomitable sound that can be made to carry an infinity of thought, resolution and purpose, that shall be pronouncing confident words on the last day, when heavens fall, and justice is done -- again he heard it, and it was crying to him, as if from very, very far -- "All right."
Williams begins by analyzing the correspondence between Gale and both Wharton and Cather.
Thank you to Gale Harold for not doing the same "straight-actor interview" that reads "It was uncomfortable to kiss a guy" or "I'm so straight, let's talk about my wife and kids, and did you hear about my wife?" Bravo to a man who knows what it means to be an actor playing a role.
He strangled Mr Gale, a 28year-old from Erdington, with a nylon cord and took the body to New Jersey, where he and an accomplice burned and buried it near Marcinski's home in Brick.
Gale founded Gale & Wentworth, a diversified real estate investment and services organization headquartered in Florham Park, NJ.