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a cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance (especially in the mammary glands)

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8%) of each galactocele, duct ectasia and accessory breast was noted.
Table 1: Frequency of FNA diagnosis of 1,000 breast lesions in various age groups Breast lesions Age (years) 16-20 21-30 31-40 Inflammatory Acute mastitis 3 26 8 diseases Chronic granulomatous 4 7 9 (n = 159) mastitis Tubercular mastitis 1 4 3 Benign Fibroadenoma 108 327 3 lesion Lactating adenoma 4 26 6 (n = 573) Fibrocystic change - 5 19 Fibroadenosis 12 17 1 Gynecomastia 5 6 Galactocele 1 2 3 Benign phyllodes 2 1 Organized hematoma 2 2 1 Malignant Duct carcinoma 7 lesion Mucinous carcinoma (n = 268) Papillary carcinoma Medullary carcinoma Lobular carcinoma Metastasis Total Breast lesions Age (years) Total ?
Pearl: Diagnostic aspiration of a galactocele is often curative.
6) Typical mammographic appearance of a galactocele is a solitary or multiple masses having density similar to or less than the fibro-glandular parenchyma.
El galactocele tiende a autoresolverse, solo cuando son dolorosos se pueden aspirar; su resolucion puede tardar semanas o meses.
The fat content of the galactocele makes it one of the few benign lesions that can be easily recognized on mammograms.
The high incidence of fat necrosis mainly in reproductive age group could be secondary to leakage of milk in galactocele or lactating adenoma.
Galactocele, gynecomastia, and intraductal pailloma shared an equal incidence of two cases each.
Our pathologist on FNAC reported ductal carcinoma in 22 patients, fibroadenoma in 14 patients, fibroadenosis in 3 patients, inconclusive in 5 patients, abscess in 2 patients, cyst in 1 patient, galactocele in 2 patients and atypical ductal cells in 1 patient.
72%) Non- Fibrocystic change & 17 proliferative simple cyst 4 Breast Epithelial Disease hyperplasia, mild Total 21 No Risk Miscellaneous Lactational change/ 2 of Cancer Breast Lesion Galactocele Gynaecomastia 8 Lipoma 1 Benign Sebaceous cyst 1 Total 12 Breast Total 33 Disease Benign Lesion Epithelial with Mild And hyperplasia, 8 moderate Moderate Risk Adenosis 2 For Cancer Papilloma 2 Proliferative Fibroadenoma 178 Breast Disease Phylloedes 6 tumor, benign without Atypia Total 196 Total 229 (56.