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agent that induces milk secretion

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Information on how herbal galactagogues work is of a preliminary nature and there are multiple theories.
Enhancing prolactin levels through dopamine receptor antagonism in the same way that the pharmaceutical galactagogues domperidone and metoclopramide appear to work (Capasso et al.
Common problems with clinical trials assessing galactagogues include:
In addition to attending to the points listed above, studies investigating the efficacy of galactagogues need to ensure that all participants receive consistent, high quality breastfeeding management and support (Anderson 2007) and that clinically relevant outcomes such as short-and long-term infant growth, need for supplementation and breastfeeding duration are measured (ABM 2011, National Library of Medicine.
Additionally a therapeutic dose of herbal galactagogues needs to be obtained.
This also requires regular stimulation and sometimes the assistance of hormonal medications and galactagogues.
While herbal galactagogues can play an important part in supporting women with breastmilk supply issues, it may be the knowledge, attitude, support and referral skills of the herbalist that make the biggest difference to their patients' breastfeeding outcomes.
Higher plants as potential sources of galactagogues.