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Synonyms for gal

Synonyms for gal

United States liquid unit equal to 4 quarts or 3

a unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second (named after Galileo)

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alliterative term for girl (or woman)

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You see, when I any ways can, I takes a leetle care about the onpleasant parts, like selling young uns and that,--get the gals out of the way--out of sight, out of mind, you know,--and when it's clean done, and can't be helped, they naturally gets used to it.
DC may have has found its Wonder Woman in the Hollywood newcomer, but who is Gal Gabot?
Under the terms of the contract, GAL will provide RAK International Airport with a full array of air traffic control services, from manning to the analysis of standards, procedures and facilities at the airport.
WD Primer NSN 8010-01- Size Color Spec MIL- 193-0519 1 1/4 qt White P-53030A 193-0520 1 1/4 gal White P-53030A 193-0521 5 gal White P-53030A 218-0856 1 qt Light PRF-85582C green 218-7354 1 gal Light PRF-85582C green 193-0516 1 1/4 qt White DTL-53022, Type 1 193-0517 1 1/4 gal White DTL-53022, Type 1 309-0328 * 1 1/4 qt White DTL-53022, Type 2 309-0329 * 1 1/4 gal White DTL-53022, Type 2 368-6249 * 4 gal White DTL-53022, Type 2 309-0327 * 5 gal White DTL-53022, Type 2 * Order on a DD Form 1348-6 and put "NSN not on AMDF" in the REMARKS block.
It appeared guardians were the answer to the DCF question, with one reporter even referring to guardians ad litem as "saviors." (6) The Guardian Ad Litem Program Working Group's final report reiterated the importance of the GAL as someone "[who] protects the child during the family crisis, court proceedings, and follows the child's progress after the court disposes of the case." (7) In the words of Governor Bush, guardians "not only represent these children in the courts, but also watch over them as they make the transition to a new home." (8)
GAL said Courion's products are complementary to GAL's broad product portfolio, and will bolster GAL's efforts to provide a range of products to independent elevator contractors and large elevator OE.
Continue reading "The Top Five Most Gal Gadot-y Moments in That Amazing Gal Gadot GQ Interview" at...
Nasty Gal x Em Rata is available to buy now, with prices ranging between [pounds sterling]14-[pounds sterling]80 and sizes 4 to 22.
The new overhead bin solution is part of an ongoing product development effort by GAL Aerospace to improve the customer experience and extend the service life of Q400 aircraft fitted with classic interiors by providing a plug and play replacement for the original, undersized bins.
28 August 2018 - Florida, US-based private equity firm, Trivest Partners has acquired Canada-based power and temperature control solutions provider GAL Power Systems, the company said.
You know, like if someone ever decided to devote an entire category only to knowledge of all things Gal Gadot:
Florida Bar Appellate Practice Section lawyers blew the doors off all expectations, tackling 60 briefs, and earning GAL's highest honor, "I Am For the Child Award." It was presented May 4 at a GAL disabilities conference in Orlando.
Virginia Code 8.01-9 states the general rule in civil cases that a GAL must be appointed for "persons under a disability." The most common reasons GALs are appointed for adults in such proceedings are due to incarceration.
This behavior should be condemned,' Gal Gadot replied when asked about the sexual allegations against Brett Ratner, whose RatPac is cofinancier of several Warner Bros.
Laboratory models (1, 2, and 4 gal) are easily scaled to pilot/medium scale (10 and 40 gal) and up to large-capacity change-can models (100 to 1000 gal).