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graceful and pleasing

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Looking concerted and shoveled, I entered his office in a gainly manner and chalantly shook his hand.
The Austrian violinist, Thomas Zehetmair, may not have the most gainly conducting technique but somewhere between rehearsals and performances he clearly inspires every member of his `band'.
For linguists and crossword fanatics there is the very appropriate message "Dictionary People." Or you can choose highly tantalizing text like "Babie Soldie," "Gainly Gagwritey," "alimits ident," "9SVN6 XXX Varsity," and "happyok." T-shirts can also have amusingly meaningless messages like "Lets Sport: All Round Sportive Sports Club" (sic) and "Feel the best basic: U2 Sporty." Some of these nonsense messages are quite long and creative, for example, "Mercy Euthanasia High Mass--LaGirl--I think, I think I am, therefore I am," "California Spirit of 02--The Spirit of 1849--The Winner of There," "Best 1 Happy tegether--2002--Let's go to the paty" (sic), "Hello--PiYo.'s Summer Frend--What are you doing now" and "Rocker Lady!
Coincidentally, Radcliffe resembles Zatopek in a way in that gainly she ain't.
To their credit Tranmere fought gainly back and came close to an equaliser just before the half-hour when Jason Koumas wriggled past two tackles into the penalty area to set up Allison, whose deliberate side-footed shot from a dozen yards was pushed out at full stretch by keeper Phil Whitehead.