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Along with IBM, we are able to deliver comprehensive eDiscovery products and services that meet the growing needs of corporations, from managing time pressures to gaining control over mountains of unstructured data.
Estate planning is all about gaining control (even beyond the grave, if that is what is desired).
James Correll and Kevin Herbert will show you how in this new edition of Gaining Control.
With our easy to deploy and use change and configuration management solutions, our customers are cost-effectively gaining control of their infrastructures, while reducing their manual processes and saving valuable time and resources.
The Rights Plan is designed to deter coercive takeover tactics, including the accumulation of shares in the open market or through private transactions, and to prevent an acquiror from gaining control of the Company without offering a fair price to all of the Company's stockholders.
Often IT governance is overlooked in large companies because there isn't a single dashboard approach to gaining control over it.
The network chose to utilize Quartet's innovative ECU technology in its home automation because of the device's capability to assist individuals with severe physical limitation in gaining control over their daily activities.
Shepard's proposals were conditioned on his gaining control of both companies.
Most notable reverse merger in recent times involved Ted Turner gaining control of Rice Broadcasting (WJRJ-TV).
Companies now have "one-stop shopping" capability for employees while gaining control over the enterprise buying process.
By preventing LVMH from gaining control, the ESOP will preserve the integrity of our dynamic and highly successful team.
Initially adopted in 1988, the plan is designed to ensure that Arrow's shareholders receive fair treatment in the event of any proposed acquisition of the corporation and to guard against partial tender offers and other abusive tactics aimed at gaining control of Arrow without paying all shareholders a full and fair price.