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The source said that the Syrian Army troops have secured their military control over Kafar Zita and al-Latamineh which are the main bases of Jeish al-Izzeh after gaining control of al-Zuka region.
Swedish telecomms solutions provider Ericsson has reportedly confirmed newspaper reports of its intention to increase its holding in the mobile phone software maker Symbian in order to stop the Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia from gaining control.
When the parents are in control of a corporate GP, there is a risk that a creditor with a claim against the parents will succeed in obtaining ownership of the stock, thereby gaining control over the partnership.
Since gaining control of the Panama Canal from the United States in 1999, the Panamanian government has embarked on an ambitious plan to modernize and improve service.
Banks and other noninsurance financial institutions have been gaining control of e-commerce customer relationships recently as part of their strategy to gain a greater share of the customer's wallet.
The definition of acquisition is gaining control. Since this transaction included the purchase (redemption) of 75% of the corporation's stock, it involved acquisition of control.
The abduction of bells served as a means of gaining control over a rival community, since it threatened the "prestige, reputation, and honor of the community" (p.46) that lost its bells, Initially, these abductions contested the ownership of bells that had been removed or hidden during the revolutionary era; later, changes in communal boundaries or disagreements within communes could be their basis.
Concurrent to gaining control of the property, as well as its air rights, from Unilever, RFR also negotiated a leaseback of the top four floors of the building to Unilever United States, Inc.
As French authors were gaining control over the reproduction and dissemination of their works, "a convergence of the two terms denoting an author as an authoritative figure was taking place" (204).
On January 4, 1991, the Board authorized a formal investigation concerning whether BCCI had violated the Bank Holding Company Act by unlawfully gaining control of First American and whether false or misleading statements were made to the Board by BCCI and others to conceal BCCI's control.
Military sources confirmed on Saturday the army's control over the terrorists' key bases in Eastern Ghouta, including Harasta, saying that the Syrian army troops have succeeded in gaining control over 90% of Eastern Ghouta during their operations in the past month.
The Kurdish forces have also told the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA) that they are not welcome in Kurdish areas and that the Kurdish forces do not need support from the FSA in gaining control of Qamishli, according to Rudaw.
While there is no magical solution for effecting robust working capital management, there are a number of prerequisites for gaining control of the complex process.
A device gaining control begins a "tenancy," which is the period in which the controlling device transports its frame or control data.
"I don't want to lose control (e.g., of a business)." Estate planning is all about gaining control (even beyond the grave, if that is what is desired).