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the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit

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High technology and goods, first-rate individuals, and outstanding governance and leadership do not determine sustainable gainfulness if the business model arrangement is not accurately adjusted to the competitive setting.
[29] Demonstrated that transfer of training can enhance employees' exibility gainfulness and willingness to act and also their remuneration and capacity to nd a better job while it can help organizations expand their output efciency and productivity and reduction expenses non-attendance and the number of work-related competencies [30].
Output, cost-effectiveness, and (diminishing) expenses are more proximal end results (Popescu, 2015a, b, c, d) of employee citizenship conducts than is gainfulness. Even though some workers may display OCBs for grounds other than to assist their co-employees and/or the entity, this fact may not counterbalance the predominantly beneficial consequences these conducts have on separate and organizational operation.
Therefore, it is principally important to explore the factors that may impact profitability of Islamic banks and promote execution for further improvement on the premise of gainfulness. Although, there are number of variables which influence Islamic banks' profitability, yet the most widely recognized is monetary proportions (5).
Industry restructuring associated with the substantial rebound in sales, determined mostly by suppressed demand, are generating record gainfulness for numerous firms.
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