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Synonyms for gainful

Synonyms for gainful

yielding a fair profit


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Through this package we wish to see that such people are gainfully employed,"it said.
She has four children, three of them have completed their college education and are now gainfully employed.
After rumours that Celtic were being forced to take Nadir Ciftci back from Plymouth, was it a coincidence that this mysterious masked man was gainfully employed handing out Xmas gifts yesterday?
Centered around Ern--a young African-American new father, rarely gainfully employed, sort of dating his daughter's mother--and his locally popular rapper/pot-dealer cousin Alfred (a.k.a.
New products and changes introduced over the last week include an ETF focused on 3D printing from ARK Investment Management; a tax-advantaged investing solution from Jefferson National and Cetera Financial Group; and a compliance-supported social media platform from Gainfully for advisors at broker-dealer Lincoln Investment.
If the feline in your life is good - or gainfully employed - enough to be Cat Of The Week, send details and a photo to
Israel's Ministry of the Treasury released its employment statistics for the first quarter of 2015 last month, and things aren't looking too great: The percentage of gainfully employed Israelis dropped from 60.6 percent at the end of 2014 to 60.4, with the percentage of those employed full-time dipping 3.5 percent.
Treasury bills are short-term highly secured financial instruments of the government that helps the licensed commercial banks to gainfully invest their surplus funds, with added advantage of ready liquidity through discounting and repurchase facilities (Repo) offered by the Central Bank.
Make it possible for them to work gainfully in some other place of work.
The real story is why we have hundreds of thousands of our own able-bodied people who could be doing these jobs but find it more profitable to sit on their backsides on benefits all day rather than be gainfully employed!
Under HB 2660, the term dependent refers to "a legitimate, legitimated, illegitimate or legally adopted child chiefly dependent upon and living with the taxpayer if such dependent is not more than 21 years old, unmarried and not gainfully employed or if such dependent, regardless of age, is incapable of self-support because of mental or physical disability."
When intelligent, but bold and dynamic people find no avenues to get gainfully employed, they take to daytime heists, break-ins, theft of vehicles, and purse or mobile phone snatching.
This would also lead to degasifying the coal seams ahead of coal mining thus mitigating safety hazard and gainfully utilizing CBM.
According to a statement issued by ISPR, these UAVs could also be gainfully employed in various socio-economic development projects, as well.
In the future these aerial vehicles can also be gainfully employed in various socio-economic development projects, it added.
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