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Synonyms for gainful

Synonyms for gainful

yielding a fair profit


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Furthermore, section 100(a)(3)(B) of the Rehabilitation Act requires the state VR services program to be carried out in a manner consistent with the principle that "[i]ndividuals with disabilities must be provided the opportunities to obtain gainful employment in integrated settings." "Extended employment," by definition, means work in a nonintegrated or sheltered setting, thus making it inconsistent with both the purpose and policy of the Rehabilitation Act.
Obesity does not represent a "functional limitation that would prevent an individual from engaging in any gainful activity," according to a recent agency ruling.
The demand for workers is so high in fact that a group of people traditionally left out of cyclical economic upsurges are also beginning to be included in this late, great 20th-century economic boom; young, often poorly educated African American men, even those previously locked out of gainful employment by criminal records, are beginning to be drawn into the formal economy through stable employment.
The WPA, "rooted in the concept of the right to gainful employment," helped shift jobless organizing to collective bargaining on WPA projects.
One of the many goals of coronary bypass surgery is the return of the patient to gainful employment (Allen, 1990).
The regulations go on to provide some specific examples of contingencies related to a child: a child attaining a certain age or income level, dying, marrying, leaving school, leaving the custodial parent's household or gainful employment.
Section 72(m) defines disabled as "unable to engage m any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or to be of long-continued and indefinite duration."
Like the government, it provides gainful employment for workers who either have lost most of their skills (Greg Luzinski!
The lower court had found that Dotson was engaged in "substantial gainful activity" and thus was not disabled.
If only they could be led out of the "darkness" of their parasitical natures, they might come to see the "light" of gainful employment.
Mussarat Ali Khan gives an account of unemployment among graduates and post-graduates in different disciplines and measures for their gainful absorption.
He further said that the aim of the training was to help youth in securing gainful employment not only in the local, but also in the international labour market.
The official said that the institutional partnership between MoHR would serve the shared objectives the quality education and gainful employment.
figure By STEPHEN MUTHINI class="MsoNormalThe Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has proposed an amendment to the law to ensure State officers do not engage in other gainful employment.
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