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Synonyms for gainer

a person who gains weight

a person who gains (gains an advantage or gains profits)

a dive in which the diver throws the feet forward to complete a full backward somersault and enters the water feet first and facing away from the diving board


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Wee all (that's kings and all) but players are Upon this earthly stage; and should have care To play our parts so properly, that wee May at the end gaine an applauditee.
BIG BREAK Ded Rabbit, made up of four Gaine brothers, will play T in July
Flintshire magistrates heard Gaine, of Clwyd Street, Shotton, "went mad" and "lost the plot", and a scuffle broke out.
Gaine (2000) suggests that the focus should be on bridging the personal, structural, cultural and institutional levels of racism, within classroom experiences, and highlighting the complex social location and dynamics between students, the pedagogical content, and the institutional background.
On a evoque la deficience congenitale ou la faiblesse de la gaine aponevrotique de Waldeyer parmi les causes possibles.
A study conducted by Gaine (2001) found that students were defensive and angry during explorations of these issues and resisted the discussion of these topics.
The analysis of diverse regulatory strategies and even their comparison help to gaine a broader picture of policy alternatives and incentivize the sharing of good practices (or, alternatively, it helps to criticize the bad ones).
1) Singapore $1,911 18 SIIX (1), (5) Japan $1,801 19 Nam Tai Electronics China Largest (1) percentage gaine $1,150 20 Zollner Elektronik Germany $1,122 21 AsteelFlash Group France $920 22 Boyomcs Technology Singapore $854.
La beaute deferlait de sa gaine fantasque, donnait des roses aux fontaines.
The fund was the idea by the 17-year-old's cousin Brad Gaine, 25, of Brynteg, Wrexham.
In general elections in May, the PAP held power with its worst result since Singapore gaine independence in 1965, winning just 60 per cent of the votes.
Figures such as France's Jean-Marie Le Pen, and groups like his National Front, have lost most of the modicum of influence they ever gaine .
This article treats the relation to time, space, and action involved in practising a gaine and acquiring the associated social codes in a Massive Multiplayer Online Game.
The Social Democratic Party gained votes in the south for 3 mandates, while we gaine votes in the north for 7 mandates.
Lisandro Lopez etait reste indisponible durant tout l'ete apres avoir souffert au niveau de la gaine du talon d'Achille du pied gauche des le debut du mois de juillet.