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Synonyms for gainer

a person who gains weight

a person who gains (gains an advantage or gains profits)

a dive in which the diver throws the feet forward to complete a full backward somersault and enters the water feet first and facing away from the diving board


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O'Brien reportedly wasn't happy that Gaine didn't add an offensive tackle such as Nate Solder or Trent Brown in free agency over the past two years, instead going with a pair of small-school tackle prospects in this year's draft to address a porous offensive line that has made life difficult for franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.
(22.) Yorke J, Corris P, Gaine S, Gibbs JS, Kiely DG, Harries C, et al.
The paines and trauell hethertoo is mine: the gaine and pleasure hence forth will be thine.
Somewhere between Pacific Northwest Ballet's fall 2015 production of Kiyon Gaine's Sum Stravinsky and its winter 2016 Romeo et Juliette, Seth Orza completely changed his look: from a strong, commanding presence to a lanky, impetuous boy.
and d re-runs times, and o Specsavers the most a and rider d was Having watched of the race several afraid that a visit to might be required, Stars Over The Sea David Roche gaine four lengths.
Though some of the preservice teachers may have been initially reluctant to engage in the experience, we think this feeling of discomfort may be developmentally important in moving past prejudice (Gaine, 2001).
This silly sot, my Lord, so please you heare him, Vtters much hope of matter, but small gaine. An old wife nurst him, which we call blind Ales.
This is not historical theology, systematic theology, or speculative exegesis, says Gaine, but the record of following a theological question raised by a reading of Scripture in the light of Tradition to a theological conclusion, in this case to the conclusion that the earthly Christ enjoyed the heavenly knowledge of the vision of the blessed.
The band are made up of four Gaine brothers - Eugene, 21, on vocals and rhythm guitar, Fergus, 26, on lead guitar, Donal, 24, on bass, and Eoin, 29, on drums.
(16.) Nazzareno G, Marius M, Humbert M, Torbick A, Jean-Luc V, JABarbera, Beghetti M, Corris P, Gaine S, J Gibbs, Gomez-Sanchez MA, Jondeau G, Klepetko W, Opitz C, Peacock A, Lewis R, Zellweger M, Simonneau G.
Robert Gaine, Welsh Light Heavyweight champion, kicked in the front door of now ex-trainer Shane Thomas's home on December 6.
The discount cuts the cost of a gram of powder with effects similar to cocaine - sold under names such as Go Gaine and El Blanco - from PS25 to PS19.25.
Gaine (2000) suggests that the focus should be on bridging the personal, structural, cultural and institutional levels of racism, within classroom experiences, and highlighting the complex social location and dynamics between students, the pedagogical content, and the institutional background.
On a evoque la deficience congenitale ou la faiblesse de la gaine aponevrotique de Waldeyer parmi les causes possibles.
A study conducted by Gaine (2001) found that students were defensive and angry during explorations of these issues and resisted the discussion of these topics.