gain ground

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Synonyms for gain ground

obtain advantages, such as points, etc.

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"Undoubtedly," said Villefort, moderating the tones of his voice, "a marriage once concerted and then broken off, throws a sort of discredit on a young lady; then again, the old reports, which I was so anxious to put an end to, will instantly gain ground. No, it will all go well; M.
It was plain that it must not be allowed to gain ground. A diversion must be tried, or demoralization would ensue.
Karachi -- Pakistani stocks continued to gain ground in the mid-week session, helped by the momentum from the rupee's 3pc depreciation a day earlier, with the benchmark 100 index gaining 0.76pc to vault above 44,600.
US Defense Secretary James Mattis recently announced that 3,000 troops would be sent to Afghanistan as the Taliban gain ground and security deteriorates.
All but one stock Abu Dhabi Aviation in the Services index was able to gain ground during the month of June -16.