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The tables were gaily decorated, and emerald green was clearly the color of the day.
The types of Aflaj vary, according to the nature of the geological and hydrological aspect of valleys and mountains in the Sultanate, including the "Gaily" Aflaj, which depend on the surface and sub-surface waters of valleys, the "Ainiya" Aflaj, which rely on hot or cold springs, as well as the "Dawoodi Aflaj," which depend on groundwater from subterranean aquifers, that are more than 40 metres deep.
called it <i>the ganja,</i> and gaily built Towers
According to our report: "At noon, the spacious paddock was already well filled with a gaily dressed throng and when, at twenty minutes to one, the Royal party was observed approaching along the Melling road, a large crowd of interested spectators assembled around the private entrance to Lord Derby's compartment."
"Mommy Is a Worrywart" explores in dry verse narrative exactly what defines a legitimate worry for a mommy, while her blissful child skips gaily through a life fraught with hazards large and small.
Sorsogon City, Sorsogon -- The restiveness of Mount Bulusan which is very near here these past few days did not stop the city and its gaily folk from celebrating a good harvest of its prized nut through the annual "Pili Festival" that kicked off last Monday.
Most shop windows were gaily decorated with red, white and blue when they closed on Saturday night.
The knack of a perfect melody that skitted gaily along the boundary of twee, of the clever, observational lyric that never troubled the gatekeepers of smug.
They should be decorated gaily and adorned with flowers and pictures.
Osborne's Baba Yaga is malign, the Catacombs dank and mysterious, his unhatched chicks dance gaily - all captured in demonstration-class sound.
AUBURN - Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will prevent Santa from riding his reindeer aboard a gaily decorated Tower One fire truck Dec.
The Berlin gaily Sun reported at the time of the purchase that the New Hampshire part of the deal included the 23,000-acre Phillips Brook tract.
Snowdon Flyer, who continues to go the right way, is bidding to become only the third juvenile following Gaily Noble (1976) and Yankee Express ('82) to win this title.
Thinking of the book's design now, there is a generosity in the allocation of space for gaily patterned end pages and exotic page borders.