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someone who writes comic material for public performers

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Gagster's Paradise has showcased throughout the UK since May and due to demand, the king of the one-liners has recently added a host of new dates, running through until October 2019.
This was followed by a committee effort, for I cannot believe that only one gagster dreamt this whole bit up:
While the identity of this gruesome gagster remains a mystery (and it's definitely not a female as, unless you're completely two-faced, the jokes are often very funny) at least we've got a fair idea who came up with all the recent Barack Obama jokes.
Then the buck-toothed, singing, miming, musical gagster found an outlet for his unique style on TV, making many appearances on Sunday Night At The Palladium.
Whatever his relative merits as a gagster, Yorkston is unlikely to ever become a new Leslie Welch.
The great Russian gagster, Anton Chekhov, wrote in Uncle Vanya: ``When a women isn't beautiful, people always say, `You have lovely hair'.''
- Phil McCusker (The Last Gorbals Gagster), New Gorbals, Glasgow.
He was a character, an innovator, a gagster, a man who lost a leg in World War II but kept on smiling.
The Brindley, High Street, Runcorn, 0151 907 8360 - Mon, 10 Jun COMEDY Gary Delaney: Gagster's Paradise One of Britain's leading oneliner comics returns to the road with another onslaught of lean, expertly crafted gaggery.
024 7652 4524 COMEDY Gary Delaney: Gagster's Paradise A MOCK The Week regular and recent star of the new Live At The Apollo series, Solihull-born Gary's shows are renowned for their unrivalled volume of high-class gags.
Henning Behn, that very witty German-born gagster, put it best on The News Quiz.
Most spotty 'Yoofs' were told they'd 'amount to nowt' - if I'd told him I wanted to be a gagster he'd have laughed...that would have been a start!
But for pure comedy gold nothing beats Brucie's dazzling quick-fire repartee with wisecracking gagster Tess Daly.
Vidyut Jamwal, who shows up on screen as a Russian honcho in gun business, has little room to demonstrate his prowess as an established high-profile criminal and his physical strength against budding gagster Billa.
Ipswich fan, adopted cockney and genial gagster Tony Cowards completes the line-up along with compere Danny McLoughlin.