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Synonyms for gagman

a comedian who uses gags

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someone who writes comic material for public performers

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(gagman, "Soft sets and soft groups," Information Sciences, vol.
Gagman and Ricardo Panis, chief court officer for the courts in Westboro, Clinton and Marlboro, went to the home of Officer Cooney's parents.
'The next group in the exhibition is the most significant group,' says Ms Gagman. 'The Seljuks of the eleventh and twelfth centuries ended up ruling the entire region, Iran, Iraq, Syria through to Anatolia; but they also contributed.
A short list of films exploring male camaraderie--often to the exclusion or subjugation of women--includes Mandala (1981), Declaration of Fools (1983), Gagman (1988), Chilsu and Mansu (1988), Two Cops (1993), Wild Animals (1997), and Joint Security Area.
"You have a laugh and a joke with people and it helps you develop your confidence." So spuds sped Lynn from rock to comedy, and he's been Wales' premier gagman ever since.
Other suffixes include Spanish -ador (bateador (<bate 'bat'), bisneador (<business), boxeador (<boxear 'to box'), noqueador (<noquear 'to knock out') and English -man (barman, cameraman, clubman, funkman, gagman, jazzman, showman, soulman, superman) and -ie (folkie, groupie, junkie, trekkie, walkie-talkie).
She runs Gagman in the Prix Manganate, and is double-handed in the Criterium des Pouliches with Bisbille and Maheba de Piboul.
Fans of Jack Dee are in for a shock when the grim-faced gagman hits the Edinburgh Festival.
He had lost his studio and his stardom, battled alcoholism and suffered countless humiliations while working as a gagman for younger comedians.
Gill Duffield always does well at this meeting and she had a first and last race double with Gagman and Monteil both ridden by Simon Walker.
VETERAN GAGMAN ANDY CAMERON will be at Wembley for the Big One.
For 36 years, Roland Totheroh worked with Chaplin as a cinematographer, editor, special effects supervisor and gagman. In excerpts from a never-published interview provided by the Totheroh family, "Rollie"--as he was affectionately known--describes what it was like to work in the editing room with Chaplin.
Duffield's Gagman won his only start in good fashion, with a three-length defeat of the Hatta International-bound Kachia over 10 furlongs at Lingfield and has to have a serious chance off 90 here.