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a flock of geese

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make a noise characteristic of a goose

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On Monday, ( CNN reported that the White House scheduled a gaggle that day, but again barred it from being recorded.
Endless meetings - the executive version of the photocopier gaggle.
Luckily, Lisa's arch-enemy, party girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, was nowhere to be seen at the bash, where Mica Paris, Mis-Teeq, Jordan and gaggles of identikit models slurped on freebie champagne.
You can also find gaggles of really funny bird jokes at: subjects/birds/Birdjokes.html
At weekends, the dense network of shops, restaurants, boutiques and market stalls is overrun by gaggles of young Tokyo-ites, shopping, meeting friends and generally hanging out.
It's Saturday night down at the old mill pond, and gaggles of lonely anurans are looking for love.
Gaggles of awkward but ultimately lovely girls hang from trees, hit the swimming hole, French braid one another's hair.