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a flock of geese

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make a noise characteristic of a goose

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gaggle of girls a hen party Ibiza Terminal 1 has a row of seats, directly facing the Arrivals doors through which disembarking passengers walk.
Spicer is still around, he had four briefings or gaggles last weeks, but mandated that they be off-camera.
Gaggle Mail enables you to manage your group email list efficiently, and in a simple way, within a few clicks, you can setup your permanent group email account on Mail.
Format: Gaggle is a hosted, web-based subscription service that
Complicating the matter is the fact that the app shares a name with Gaggle, the platform which is used in hundreds of schools nationwide.
The revered Olympian is in the newest reality show, called The Jump, where a gaggle of celebs risk life and limb in a selection of winter sports.
The 'Anger Management' star took to Twitter saying that his twin boys are now in harm's way and in grave danger as they are being "raised" by a "gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes all ruled and fooled by an Adderall snorting husk called Brooke", reported.
ANSWERS: 1 Thirty-two; 2 Staffordshire; 3 A heart; 4 Oran; 5 Singapore; 6 A gaggle; 7 George I; 8 Calvin and Hobbes; 9 Embarrassing Illnesses; 10 Arachnids.
The story is reimagined "through the debauched and twisted eyes of one cynical raconteur and his gaggle of gormless goons".
THE GAGGLE: HOW THE GUYS YOU KNOW WILL HELP YOU FIND THE LOVE YOU WANT provides a fine guide to the modern 'post-dating' world, and offers dating advice based on the author's in-depth interviews with men and women across the country.
Gaggle, a provider of secure communications for schools and a developer of technology and monitoring systems, announced on Wednesday the release of its new app for the Apple iPad, designed for students using shared iPads in a classroom cart environment.
A relatively new LMS is Gaggle. This article will focus on the history of Gaggle, the exclusive safety components that Gaggle possesses, and student' opinion of Gaggle.
Once again the Embarrassing Bodies team has managed to find another gaggle of people who, while too bashful to seek out a GP to address whatever itching, flaking or oozing is plaguing them, are perfectly happy to drop their drawers at the first sign of a TV camera.
The gaggle of budding Sir Alan Sugars brought lashings of entrepreneurial spirit and thanks to a mixture of amusing outfits and enthusiastic selling tactics the KPMG contingent raised more than pounds 1,200 for Barnardo's.
He invited her to his bar mitzvah, an event that was also to be attended by the gaggle of girls who had recently turned on Janice, publicly declaring her a misfit.