gag rule

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a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

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"Since this gag rule went into effect, we have not drawn down on federal funds, and we will not draw down on federal funds while this regulation remains in place, and we call on Congress to join our fight to protect women," Pritzker said.
"The Title X gag rule is a big step backward for public health," APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, said in a news release.
According to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey (PPAFNJ), the gag rule makes it illegal for health care providers in the Title X program to refer patients for an abortion, and it includes language specifically designed to block patients from coming to Planned Parenthood, threatening their health, their rights, and their lives.
The American Medical Association's Code of Medical Ethics states that "withholding information without the patient's knowledge or consent is ethically unacceptable." This gag rule violates the trusting bond between doctors and patients and it compromises the oath we took to serve our patients and help them make the best decisions for their own health.
class="MsoNormalMs Likimani will be tasked with building a work of the support teams that set up the movement sparked by Trump's expansion of the Global Gag Rule ndash a US policy designed to limit access to safe abortion services.
There is no evidence that the global gag rule reduces the incidence of abortion around the world.
South Africans are no strangers to health care meddling by the U.S.; we have lived with the global gag rule before.
Dr Ejike Orji, Chairman, Association for the Advancement of Family Planning, stated that although the global gag rule was meant to target abortion providers, it had terrible consequences for the health and lives of poor women and their families in ways that had nothing to do with abortion.
"If the White House is permitted to maintain that kind of gag rule on a witness, no congressional investigation could ever be effective.
The author describes the debates around the gag rule passed by the House of Representatives in 1836 to reject all petitions against slavery, until it was rescinded in 1844, with a similar rule in the Senate lasting until 1850.
Read: ( Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Says Trump Gag Rule Executive Order Will Lead To 'Terrible Consequences'
"The global gag rule, as it existed under previous anti-women's health presidents, was deeply harmful.
The diverse group of activists will have the opportunity to learn about pressing family planning challenges like the Helms Amendment and Global Gag Rule from experts at Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the National Women's Law Center.