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There, Meyer somehow represses his gag reflex and navigates a 90-degree turn down the esophagus.
This index assesses the magnitude of gag reflex in a patient.
"Tools exist to help in caring for patients with the most common complications, such as a gag reflex, a high or narrow palate, mandibular tori, and missing teeth.
You lose all your brain stem reflexes-your gag reflex, your pupil reflex, all that is gone.'
Aaron White of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, meant that he had lost his gag reflex as a result of getting intoxicated.
The absence of pupillary reflex was noted in 71 (93.4%), absence of response to painful stimulus/coma in 70 (92%), absence of spontaneous breathing in 66 (86.8%), absence of corneal reflex in 63 (82.9%), absence of cough reflex in 63 (81.6%), absence of gag reflex in 62 (81.6%), absence of oculovestibular reflex in 59 (77.6%), and absence of oculocephalic reflex in 59 (77.6%; Figure 2).
Well, neither do I exactly, but it was a lot, let me tell you - and, to this day, I still suffer a doozy of a gag reflex when I hear its opening chords.
If you'll hold your gag reflex for a moment-the real world got a little bit more magical.
But in a comedic turn of events, Scott's overconfidence proves disastrous when he instigates a grammar war with his English teacher, becomes the high school survival specialist to unfortunate freshman, and develops an involuntary gag reflex in biology class.
It has a unique design that does not scrape the tongue, which naturally reduces the gag reflex. The dual-edge comfort curve glides across the tongue, relieving tongue pressure and capturing plaque buildup, leaving the tongue clean and the breath smelling fresh.
At this stage his neurological examination showed- gag reflex suppressed bilaterally, no palatal movement on 'ah' test, with uvula being central, jaw jerk was absent and he had bulbar type of dysarthria.
She was resuscitated, but still had no suck or gag reflex when discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), with minimal brainstem function.
"Her mouth needed to be suctioned on a regular basis, as she was unable to control her gag reflex and was choking on her own vomit.
After a meaningful pause, John looked Amanda in the eye as she shed her final tear and earnestly said: "It's nice when people like your food, isn't it?" And for the second time in an hour I felt that magic he mentioned at the beginning of the show work its charm as my gag reflex kicked into action.