gag law

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a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

any law that limits freedom of the press

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In an article in the AMA's Journal of Ethics, they called for better gun control measures and opposed physician gag laws that prevent doctors from even mentioning guns to their patients.
The gag law violated doctors' free speech protections, according to the plaintiffs.
In support of overturning the gun gag law, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said in a blog posting last silencing doctors is wrong.
March 1990 Kansas adopts the country's first ag gag law, making it illegal for people to enter a private animal facility to take pictures or video if they have "intent to damage the enterprise conducted at the animal facility."
Last week, several thousand people rallied in Rome against the "gag law" in hopes that mounting public pressure might trigger changes to the bill during its passage in the lower house.
enactment of the gag law to "public exasperation" with the
Garrison's opinions and actions were curtailed by the court decisions that found him liable of seditious libel and the federal government's enactment of the Pinckney Gag Law, which protected the private interests of slaveholders.
The media have faced attempts to put into effect a 'gag law,' (as well as) aggressive statements by the president, his team and members of Congress, the refusal of public agencies and the armed forces to release public information, and an initial refusal by the government and journalists' organizations to support the Declaration of Chapultepec."
The Panamanian congress recently repealed the nation's press gag law and is considering legislation that would establish a host of free-speech guarantees.
At presstime, in fact, NEA was filing a lawsuit in Idaho seeking to strike down a newly enacted gag law there.
Let us look, for example, at what is commonly known as the election gag law passed by the old line political parties prior to the last election.
A federal district court ruled in September 2011 that the Florida "gun gag law" was unconstitutional; the state has appealed to a federal appeals court.
In what has become an annual ritual, South Dakota lawmakers have again refused to repeal a 1996 gag law that makes it a felony for many state officials to publicly talk about -- or even acknowledge -- investigations into people or businesses.